So it’s been a while since viewers heard anything definitive about the possibility of the Michael sheen and Tom payne– featuring Prodigal son find a new home – and that was in May when the leader of the Warner Bros. TV Channing Dungeon confirmed that “conversations” were taking place. Since then, bad news for the future of the series has been announced: Aurore Perrineau (Detective Dani Powell) is set to play a key recurring role and is set to appear in at least five episodes of HBO Westworld. Well the news hasn’t gotten much better for Prodigal son fans this morning when Amazon announced that Sheen and David tennant were coming back for Good Omens 2, is set to begin filming in Scotland later this year. “Personally, I’m against it, but the world isn’t going to save itself, is it? If David and I manage not to fall out too much this time around, he might even have a chance to. get it over with, ”Sheen joked. in his statement regarding his Good omens return. Again, does that mean it’s the killing blow for a third season? Not necessarily because the schedules have already been bypassed. That said? Another bad sign.

Good Omens / Prodigal Son (Images: Amazon / FOX TV)

“Contemplation. Reflection. Those silent, still moments where you can pause and remember. It’s been a month since I finished filming and I’m starting to catch my breath. ‘Prodigal Son’ has fallen into my life in such a way. unexpectedly, I wasn’t looking to embark on something so soon after ‘The Walking Dead’, “Payne wrote in his article” But timing is everything and when the universe comes your way you Better hang on and enjoy the ride What a ride it was Tears, laughter, joy, friendship. The most stressful and rewarding time of my life. crazy industry when you look at it from the outside. We work incredibly long hours with little time for family or self. But when you’re lucky enough to work on something so special you gladly make those sacrifices . ” Payne then thanked his wife and musician Jennifer J Akerman as well as the cast, crew and creative team behind the show – before ending things on a bittersweet note: “Better burn out than disappear”

Teasing “big” ideas if the series came back, Sklavar explained to DH how the series is evolving for Payne’s Malcolm Bright. “The backbone of the season was Bright becoming his own man. The Dani-Bright relationship was key, as well as a new ‘place’ where Martin could shine,” he explained. Without saying too much, the show’s creators are also considering the return of Martin Whitley by Michael Sheen, aka The Surgeon, and Vivian Capshaw by Catherine Zeta’Jones. But while that all sounds good, what are the odds that the series will return. “I don’t know what our chances are,” Fedak explained, “but writing for these actors and this team has been a great privilege. I hope we can work together again.”

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