ITV The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh was a little surprised when a contestant pointed out a major flaw in a question.

Bradders was taken aback after the player of the quiz’s favorite, which airs 5-6 p.m. on weekdays, contested.

The competitor was outraged during the broadcast of the show Tuesday evening (October 6).

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Keith was tasked with taking on The Chaser after a round of cash builder.

One-on-one, Keith realized he was up against Mark Labbett, who bears the nickname of the Beast.

Bradley, 61, asked: “What other confection is a ‘Yum Yum’ most like?”

The former ITV Coronation Street star and fellow Doctor Who on the BBC One show then added, “Come in! Just love a Yum Yum.”

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But Keith said: “It depends on how it’s most similar.

“If it’s about being sticky and sweet, it’s a donut, but you know, in terms of shape, it’s a flash.”

Bradders replied: “You are absolutely right. It is in the form of lightning.

“I love Yum Yum. They are great. I wish that question hadn’t been asked now, I’m starving!”

Keith opted for the donut – and it turned out to be correct.

ITV The Chase continues to broadcast every night of the week on ITV1 starting at 5 p.m.

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