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James Franco, Kanye West and other Hollywood celebrities struggling with sex addiction

Sex addiction is not a myth and it’s time to talk about it. Sex addiction is a serious problem and several Hollywood celebrities, who have struggled with it, are coming forward to raise awareness about this problem. More recently, in an interview, Oscar-nominated actor James Franco revealed he is a sex addict while talking about sexual misconduct accusations made against him by five women.

He’s not the only Hollywood star to have opened up about his struggle with sex addiction. In the past, various household names including Kanye West and Colin Farrell have also confessed to being sex addicts. Below, take a look at the list of 5 Hollywood celebrities who struggled with this problem:

James Franco

The actor, known for his roles in Spider Man deductible and 127 hours, recently confessed to having slept with his drama school students, adding that it was “wrong”. He also opened up about his struggle with sex addiction and revealed he needed to seek treatment. He reportedly developed a sex addiction at a young age after getting sober from Alcohol addiction.

Kanye West

When he was just five years old, Kanye had been exposed to a Playboy magazine which allegedly fueled his interest in sex and things related to it. In 2019, he revealed he became addicted to drugs after his mother’s last breath in 2007 and added that he was controlling it himself after finding God. Well, that’s commendable.

Colin Farrel

The tigerland the actor also struggled with sex addiction. Farrell in 2015 said the chemicals caused an imbalance in his case. After undergoing therapy and rehab, Colin Farrell is now sober.

David Duchovny

Known for his performances in X-Files, David also sought treatment for his sex addiction. Admitting the same thing in an interview, he added that it was a difficult situation for Tea Leoni, his ex-wife. He denied being addicted to sex for several years before voluntarily entering rehab.

Lindsay Lohan

After breaking her addiction to cocaine and alcohol, Lindsay Lohan reportedly struggled to overcome her sex addiction. In an old interview, her then-boyfriend revealed that she had replaced her addiction to alcohol and drugs with sex. Later, at the age of 29, she was said to have been completely sober after being in rehab several times to have sex.

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