Kaley Cuoco looks like a snack while going girly and checkered in a white and yellow sundress on the streets of New York City. The 35-year-old sitcom star is fresh out of Instagram stories documenting her weekend, where it was a busy affair as she filmed a new project and took Chihuahua Dumptruck Dumpy with her.

Posting for her 6.8 million followers on Saturday, the “The Big Bang Theory” actress included video footage and selfies with assistant Emma Ross, as well as a man she called her “boss.” .

Kaley Cuoco stuns on weekend outing

Scroll down for photos. The HBO star Max made headlines for filming a new romantic comedy with SNL star Pete Davidson this month. Kaley, who resides at her $ 12 million Hidden Hills mansion, is now on the opposite coast as she enjoys the Big Apple, with footage showing the cute, girly blonde in a short-sleeved sundress and checkered.

Smiling and highlighting her high cheekbones, Kaley showed off her new bangs, also wearing her hair in a bun. The girl behind Penny also included a video of Dumpy, a dog acquired in 2020, being carried in his trailer – she called him the ‘king’ as the funny footage showed the tiny pet waiting on and off. .

Kaley, who made headlines for rocking Alo Yoga clothes and shouting little marks, didn’t tag the tag behind her dress, but did yell at assistant Emma. Emma made headlines last year for “Mushroom Gate” as Kaley found herself in a giant salmon-centric storm seeing her assistant accidentally giving her mushrooms for lunch – Kaley can’t stand mushrooms.

Full photos shared by E! Fashion Collective showed Kaley’s dress to be a maxi. Cuoco looked super stylish in sneakers, also carrying a cream shopping bag over her shoulder. The star was wearing sunglasses and took a look at a red nail manicure.

Kaley opened up about the little things that make her life a little better. While she didn’t mention manicures when she spoke to NY Mag earlier this year, Kaley did reveal that she was a big fan of some pretty affordable items. On the list were the $ 40 million Rollga Foam Roller and the $ 32 Egyptian All-Purpose Magic Cream.

“I fell in love with it after my makeup artist on ‘The Flight Attendant’ started using it on me as a barrier cream,” Kaley revealed. “I ended up ordering a ton. I apply it absolutely everywhere: hands, lips, neck, elbows, face. Because it’s allergy season now, I put it in my nose too. I use it if I have any irritation or irritation. He can really, really go anywhere.

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