Kaley Cuoco reflected on how her character has been sexualized The Big Bang Theory.

Cuoco starred alongside Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki as Penny, the “Cute Girl Next Door,” on the hugely popular CBS sitcom during its 12 seasons, which ran from 2007 to 2019.

The 35-year-old recently spoke about the role and how Penny has become less sexualized as the series progressed.

“I started big Bang at 21, “she said Magazine W according to Digital spy. “I was the pretty girl next to the nerds. It was booty shorts, Juicy Couture zippers.

She continued, “And over the years – Penny gets older, Kaley gets bigger – all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Can I have a long sleeve shirt? How about a slack? How about a moccasin? I never want to see that high heel again! ‘”

The actor added that she had “all the colors of the Uggs” her character commonly wears.

“I think it was hard to wear that thing and be funny, I think,” Cuoco said. “I like to be funny no matter what. I think even that was kind of self-deprecating.

The Flight attendant star continued, “And also that was so long ago. When I think about how many years it was … it was another time.

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“By the way, at 21 I was hot,” she said. “I wanted to show this stuff. You wouldn’t surprise me dead in a sexy cat costume now! I just had a litter of kittens – never will. “

Since the conclusion of The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco continued to star in the recent HBO series The stewardess, for which she was nominated for her first Golden Globe Award.

She also voices the lead character in the critically acclaimed DC animated series. Harley quinn.

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