• Kaley Cuoco, 35, just shared several videos of her intense workout routine on Instagram.
  • the Flight attendant the actress does weighted medicine ball throws, treadmill sprints and works all angles of her abs with her sister Briana and trainer Ryan Sorensen.
  • The actress told WH that when she finds a workout she enjoys, she becomes obsessed.

    While Kaley Cuoco always goes strong in the gym, she’s clearly not joking in the new workout videos she shared on Instagram.

    In a series of Instagram Story videos that her trainer Ryan Sorensen debuted on Instagram, the 35-year-old actress can be seen lashing out at what looks like a sweet home gym. In one excerpt, she throws a weighted medicine ball at Sorensen as if it were NBD. In another, she and her sister Bri both squash a bit of cardio. (Bri goes to town on the VersaClimber, while Kaley sprints on the treadmill.)

    Cut in another clip and you can see Kaley holding the medicine ball again, carrying it over her head, then slamming it to the floor on one side of her. “If you want that sexy side, do it… a lot,” the caption read.

    The next shot shows Kaley dancing with her clearly toned butt in front of the camera before throwing the ball over her head, alongside the words “Also great for abs, booty and a good chance to hit @ryan_sorensen in the face” , she joked. .

    View the next clip and Kaley does an up and down footwork on a platform. “If you’re an Irish dancer you’ll be good at it,” she wrote.

    The final cut shows Kaley on the VersaClimber as Bri does planks with weights in her hands. “Do what @bricuoco does and look like @bricuoco,” she wrote.

    Does anyone have a chair? Because, phew! The Cuoco sisters are still here, and somehow I feel tired.

    Even though she did a bunch of different intervals, Kaley once said Women’s health that she has a tendency to cling to certain workouts. “If I do yoga, we do it every day this week… So I’m like, ‘Oh my god I have to change’,” she said. “So I’m going crazy on SoulCycle … ‘Okay, I have to change.'”

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    Kaley has also shared many Instagram videos of other workouts including cardio resistance band work and jump rope… like a boss, of course.

    Take it, Kaley!

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