Kaley Cuoco shares some behind-the-scenes photos from Season 2 of The Flight Attendant, offering a glimpse of new characters who are set to appear.

Kaley Cuoco shares a first look at The stewardess season 2 in new behind-the-scenes photos. Cuoco, best known for her role as Penny on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, plays Cassie Bowden in the HBO mystery thriller Max. Going from the light sitcom to a more serious role in The stewardess allowed Cuoco to showcase her acting talent, which helped black comedy season 1 2020 achieve a 97% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

The stewardess Season 1 saw the character of Cuoco, an alcoholic flight attendant, wake up next to a corpse in Bangkok. With no memory of what happened, Cassie slips into madness until she is finally able to pick up and put the pieces back together. Not only does Cassie find out about the victim’s murderer, but she also makes the decision to quit drinking altogether. Ultimately, she manages to earn a place in the CIA’s civilian asset program. Now Cassie is back in a new set of behind-the-scenes photos from Cuoco.

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Cuoco shared a series of photos taken from The stewardess season 2 on his Instagram account. In what Cuoco captioned with precision “LA week 1 photo dumpThe set photos offer a glimpse of the returning cast and crew, as well as a first look at the new characters who will be appearing in the series. Comprised of 10 photos in total, the cast and crew The team featured in the shots are all smiling and seemingly having a good time filming Season 2. Check out the behind-the-scenes pics of Cuoco The stewardess season 2 below:

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The first image features Mae Martin (Netflix star Feel good), who is expected to play Grace St. James in season 2. While not much is known about the character, subsequent footage of Cuoco also shows Martin in a flight attendant uniform, implying that Grace will be Cassie’s new colleague. Other images feature Mo McRae (Sons of anarchy), dressed in a CIA costume and badge, expected to play Benjamin Berry, a CIA agent known to get too involved in his assets. Moreover, as the legend of Cuoco explains, The stewardess Season 2 will see Cassie living in Los Angeles, where she helps the CIA whenever needed.

Season 1 was a hit with fans and critics, many of whom praised Cuoco’s lineup of actors on the series. The Cuoco set photos above not only show off new characters from the show, but they also get fans excited for the new season, as it’s clear everyone on set is having a great time setting it up. . Fans can expect more shocking dramas and comedies once The stewardess Season 2 debuts on HBO Max in Spring 2022.

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