Yes, the moments when the envelopes open, revealing the winners, are undeniably exciting. As the cameras move to capture the hopeful expression of each nominated celebrity, the anticipation palpably increases and the venue holds its collective breath. But for lovers of beauty and pop culture, that moment happens a little earlier in the evening, right at the opening of the red carpet. Kaley Cuoco, whose versatile style and openness to experimentation allows her to happen in just about anything, is one of those regular award nominees who keep events exciting. The Sunday night show was no exception, with Cuoco’s 2021 Emmys beauty look a romantic tribute to the summer that just ended.

Cuoco’s look for the evening centered on her vibrant neon yellow-green Vera Wang Haute dress – a custom dress accented with puffy floral straps, a puffy skirt and fitted bodice. It is an ideal choice for the literal last days of summer (autumn officially starts Sept. 22), and the complementary bangs and subtle shimmering makeup only push the vision further. Celebrity hairstylist Christine Symonds, who works regularly with clients like Jessica Simpson and Kristen Bell, is responsible for almost all of Cuoco’s highlight moments, but this artfully crumpled ponytail might be the best of them all.

Working with a team of Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights products (she is a stylist-adored brand ambassador) to help style and untangle the purest blonde in Cuoco’s hair, Symonds used a clip-on hairpiece from Hidden Crown Hair for more volume, length, and shape as it formed the casual-glam ponytail.

When it came to Cuoco’s makeup, airy and clean were the keywords for famous makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who also counts Tracee Ellis Ross and Mindy Kaling as clients. “We knew that the dress was electric,” she explains to TZR in a call breaking the lush look. “We didn’t want to compete with the dress, we just wanted to be another item in the storm. So we went for a little more subtlety, really, and a more polished and clean look. “

Greenberg is quick to mention skin prep as a key factor in Cuoco’s rosy makeup, starting with a comprehensive, multi-step routine to make skin smooth, soft, and prepped for makeup. “I made him relax for 15 minutes,” shares Greenberg, before having Cuoco wear a Dr. Harris CurrentBody Skin anti-wrinkle mask, coveted for its anti-stress form that unfolds tension wrinkles and relaxes the wearer. . “It’s very weird but it works,” says Greenberg, and the relaxed shots of Cuoco, wearing the mask while Greenberg smooths the body makeup, seem to match.

Jamie Greenberg

Finally, with cleansed and hydrated skin, Greenberg was free to start fresh facial makeup using a horde of top-selling products and recent releases from Charlotte Tilbury. Greenberg says she was so inspired by the colors in the brand new Nudegasm Face palette that she used the shades on Cuoco’s eyes as well as her cheeks and contour. “We used the light shade for her eyes and on the heights of her cheeks,” says Greenberg, “then we use that peach color on her cheeks as well, then we use the browns to contour and shade. The most shimmering shade was applied to the star’s cleavage and even down her legs to capture a little more light and sparkle.

Jamie Greenberg

Cuoco’s liner was a standout feature of the glitter eyeshadow, which Greenberg attributes to the Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes Duo liner, which she says glides on with a creamy ease that newbies would really appreciate. For the lips, Greenberg opted for a new Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, Matte Revolution Lipstick in Catwalking, to capitalize on its peach tones. “I’m such a fan of the Pillow Talk collection, but this one just had a little more peach,” she says. “Again, we were just trying to blend in with Kaley’s natural hues and tones.”

After the makeup was done, all that was left for Greenberg was to lock everything in – and she can’t sing the praises of a solid fixing spray enough. “People don’t realize that setting spray makes such a big difference,” she explains, adding that she counts the preparation of the skin, the proper layering of the product, the time (around four hours, to be exact ) and setting spray play all of the biggest factors in determining how long makeup will last. With a few sprays of Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Setting Airbrush Spray, Cuoco’s shimmering look was held in place for a full evening of celebration.

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