Watch Kate beckinsale, it’s hard to believe the English actress has been in the limelight for three decades. In fact, Kate’s graceful aging has sparked quite a bit of plastic surgery speculation over the years.

Having said that, the Underground world The star is adamant that she never went under the knife. “My family is generally younger,” Kate revealed to Sunday Times in a July 2021 interview. “Even my dog ​​is 9 years old and looks like a puppy.”

In addition to plastic surgery, Kate denies ever having had Botox. “I didn’t have one! the mother-of-one, who shares her daughter Lily Mo Sheen with her ex Michael sheen insured. “I’m not against people who have it. [But] I get angry. It’s kind of a given that I got it, which I literally don’t have. I’m afraid of paralyzing my face. My mother’s voice is in my head, very loud, all the time. My mom wouldn’t even have had a facial, she is wary of anything like this and looks radiant and amazing. I know if I was doing Botox, I’d be the one with the goosebumps, and my mom would be like, ‘I told you! See? You should never do that.

So how does Kate, who is almost 40, manage to look so young? The UK native trains five to six times a week! “Another thing that I find amazing, because you literally could barely move around when I was a kid, I didn’t want to get up,” she joked.

In addition, Kate is not opposed to injections of platelet rich plasma. “I like PRP, when they take your blood [plasma and reinject it into your skin], “she explained.” It’s a real thing, of your own body. But not with scary poisonous things! “

Although Kate believes in the importance of health and fitness, it is not a matter of vanity for her. “I think when you’re just starting out, if people see you as attractive, that’s helpful at first,” she admitted. “If people start to think that this is your main activity, I don’t think it helps anyone, let alone you. I think women are damned anyway. I’m not just talking about actresses. You are seen as attractive; you are not seen as attractive. You are considered too young, you are too old. Where is the f – ing sweet spot for women? At some point you just have to say to yourself, “Bollocks, it’s me.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see Kate Beckinsale’s transformation from the ’90s to today.

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