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Kate Winslet Says Four Hollywood Actors Are Afraid To Admit They Are Gay

For many it’s very hard to fully believe 2021 There are still people who live behind a curtain of appearances, fearful of what to say, criticizing and rejecting people, but although it seems impossible, there are still many in our society. Discrimination.

actress Kate winslet You just aren’t aware of it; On the contrary, he raised his voice to denounce the exclusion of cLGB communityT and HollywoodHe’s even made some strong statements making sure he knows at least four actors who haven’t come out of the closet lest their careers collapse.

“I can’t say how many actors I know, some of them are very famous and others are just starting out, who are afraid their sexuality will be revealed. A well-known actor just got an American agent and the agent said to him, ‘I understand that you are bisexual. Don’t make it public. “ The actress told an American broadcast magazine.

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But even though he didn’t name any names, he did provide the details that these stars lived with. I am scaredAll the time: “I can think of at least four actors who completely hide their sexuality. It hurts. Because they are afraid of being discovered. And that’s what they say, ”I don’t want anyone to find out. “Added.

Winner in Oscar He also clarified that despite Hollywood’s supposed openness to sexual diversity, a movement like #MeToo is needed to support gay actors, as they really have very little involvement in the community.

Even Winslet Denounce prejudices Directors, who make it impossible for an openly gay actor or actress not to be considered even in heterosexual roles: You won’t believe how widespread this is. It cannot be boiled down to the question of homosexual actors playing homosexual roles. Because in some cases the actors choose not to hang out for personal reasons. It is nobody’s business. “, underline.

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