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Kevin Nash Who Hollywood Stars Would Play Every Kliq Member In Their Own Movie

The Kliq may be a quintet of WWE’s top Superstars, but who would represent the five Hall of Famers on the big screen?

Although they were never an official on-screen stable, The Kliq remain one of wrestling’s most famous bands. Consisting of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, the late Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, the stable broke character as part of the Curtain Call before Nash and Hall headed to WCW.

All five are famous WWE Superstars. Between them is a litany of championships, match of the year contenders, seminal stories and ties to other successful pro wrestling groups. A movie about them would be an instant hit, no doubt, but who would portray such iconic roles?

Kevin Nash attempted to dissect that question on the latest Kliq This podcast, streaming his dream movie Kliq:

“For Scott [Hall]? I chose Clint Eastwood. I just think of this natural freshness, like thinking of Dirty Harry. And think of him with a Dirty Harry with a loop and a toothpick. For HBK, my choice fell on Brad Pitt. Shawn [Michaels] can go from zero to 100 and fucking 50 miles an hour to the start. You know, and I think Brad Pitt proved in Fight Club that he has that kind of range.

You know, so I mean, yeah, we’re going to Legends of the Fall, because Shawn, as you know, I try to give the visual first and then take the actors and their body of work to basically fill in the complexities of the characters that they will be playing. And I know that Brad Pitt, of course, has, you know, a lot of range, a lot of range. And I just thought that would be a solid cast for that.

When asked who would play himself, Kevin Nash didn’t hesitate to pick one of Hollywood’s biggest films:

“I’ll get heat for this but I’m going with it [Chris] Hemsworth. He has the hair flip, right? On top of that, Hemsworth is built like me. He’s a bigger guy in the upper body, with smaller legs. And he’s a leaner guy, with big bones, but he’s leaner. X-Pac was the most difficult for me, I chose Ed Norton for Pac.

[Casting Triple H] It was difficult too, because I wanted someone to look like him. But I also wanted someone to have it, again to be a hell of an actor and I went with Sean Bean.

All five members of The Kliq have full movie credits. Triple H and Kevin Nash are perhaps the best known, with “The Game” in Blade Trinity like Jarko Grimwood, Upside down as Arlo ‘AJ’ Jayne, and, infamously, the chaperonewhere he played Raymond ‘Ray Ray’ Bradstone.

As for Nash, he has credits in magic mike and Magic Mike XXL like Tarzan/Ernest, John Wick like François, and more recently, Dog like Gus.

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