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Korean tailor makes costumes for Hollywood movies: The DONG-A ILBO

In the movie “The Batman”, Bruce Wayne and the villains change costumes several times. In another film “Spencer”, presented in competition at the 78th Venice Film Festival, Jack Farthing, who plays Prince Charles, wears formal British costumes. You would think it was an old white tailor who made the costumes for these films. Contrary to expectations, it is a young Korean, who made the costumes. This is Kim Dong-hyun, 32, who recently returned to Korea after working as a tailor in London. He made five costumes for “The Batman” and three for “Spencer”.

In a phone interview with The Dong-A Ilbo on Sunday, Kim said he was proud of himself as a Korean, believing the world would see traditional British costumes made by Koreans. Kim worked as a tailor on Savile Row in London for three years until March. The street is where the tailor shop from the movie “Kingman” is located and is visited by upper class people like the British royal family. World famous designer Alexander McQueen also worked there as an intern to build his career. Kim was the only Korean tailor in Savile Row, known as the “holy place of tailor-made suits”. He learned the techniques while working in a sewing shop affiliated with the Savile Row Bespoke Association. Only tailoring shops with strict tailoring standards that adhere to the traditional British tailoring method can be members of the association.

Kim left for London in 2014. At that time he was majoring in clothing design at a local university and was skeptical of the fashion industry, which was sensitive to trends and courses focused on women’s clothing. . “I thought about clothes that wouldn’t be influenced by trends and that would shine brighter over time. I finally came to the conclusion that the British suits did the trick. I wanted to learn the right techniques in the costume house, ”Kim said.

“I think the right clothes are the ones that shine the most when you wear them and look great on you,” Kim said. “I want to apply the traditional British tailoring technique, which gets more elegant over time, to clothes and present them in Korea. Kim said his ultimate dream was to return to the UK after learning more skills in Korea and the British wearing Korean-made British suits, adding that he would continue to work hard until everything the world dreams of having clothes made.

Hyo-Ju Son [email protected]