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LA Rams Dropped Electric NFL Draft Hype Trailer Filled With Hollywood Stars

  • The Los Angeles Rams go all out for the 2022 NFL Draft with their mega NFL Draft House mansion and a hot new trailer
  • The defending Super Bowl champions just debuted “On the Clock,” an NFL Draft buzz video featuring Hollywood stars that solidifies the Rams as a Hollywood team
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If there was ever any question as to whether the Los Angeles Rams are officially the Hollywood team, that doubt can officially be dispelled. Last week, the Rams signaled they were going ALL OUT for the 2022 NFL Draft after kicking off their Draft House mega-mansion and now they’ve released a new buzz video titled “On the Clock.”

This is not a regular hype video. They wanted to make sure all football fans around the world knew the Rams are the Hollywood team, so they brought in celebrities like Dennis Quaid, Josh Holloway from LOST and YellowstoneTyrese Gibson, and more.

‘On the Clock’ is the Los Angeles Rams’ 2022 NFL Draft hype video, but it’s more like a movie trailer if I’m going in 60 seconds, national treasureand Oceans 11 had a baby. There is everything and nothing at the same time and that’s what I like. That’s all the hype and all the essence. And fans are loving it, so let’s check it out with the reactions below.

LA Rams dropped an electric NFL Draft Hype trailer filled with Hollywood stars

I’ve added YouTube and Twitter versions of the video so you can choose your favorite medium to watch. Now let’s see what the fans are saying about it…

NFL fans react to LA Rams ‘On the Clock’ hype video

It is important that they involve the players and not rely solely on the actors. This is what made it so good:

Where do the Rams stand for the NFL Draft?

The Los Angeles Rams are the defending Super Bowl champions and they’ve brought back just about everyone they need. They’re now on the hunt for back-to-back championships and that starts with the NFL Draft, but the Rams don’t have a ton of picks.

As it stands, the Rams have only one pick in each of the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds of the draft (104 overall, 142 and 175). They have three 6th round picks and two 7th round picks. So it’s kind of hilarious to see a team with no NFL draft picks in the 1st or 2nd round go all out for the draft despite not even being involved for several days in the draft…

Either way, it was awesome and I can’t wait for the LA Rams to lean heavily into becoming Hollywood’s team for years to come.