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Lady Gaga’s House of Gucci accent: 7 Hollywood actors who made our mouths

Lady Gaga says her lengthy preparations to play Patrizia Reggiani in “House of Gucci” could have a lasting effect on her.

Gaga spent nine months living with an Italian accent at all times so that she could build her character in the highly anticipated Ridley Scott drama. Now she says she isn’t sure she’ll ever be the same again.

“I don’t know if she will ever leave me completely, but I know the parts of her that I desperately want to leave behind and the parts that were uplifting and beautiful.”

Directed by Ridley Scott, “The House of Gucci” is based on a book about Reggiani’s marriage to one of the world’s most decadent families that ultimately ends in murder.

hollywood actors are often asked to delve into indulgent and transformative periods of “method” – the process of identifying with a part by “crawling under the skin” of the character.

So far, it has worked well for Gaga. Early reviews suggest that she is in all respects the the highlight of the film.

But for other artists, it was a burden.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most prolific examples of method games in cinema.

Leonardo DiCaprio slept in an animal carcass for The Revenant

No matter what you think of the movie “The Revenant” which ultimately won DiCaprio his Oscar, there is no doubt that real life blood, sweat and tears entered her performance.

Many of the details of his outdoor experiences are gory and downright disturbing.

DiCaprio is virtually unrecognizable as Hugh Glass as he traverses freezing Dakota temperatures, grapples with bears, cliffs, and is buried alive.

The vegetarian ate raw buffalo meat and slept in a dead animal carcass to adjust to Glass’s dark emotions and private senses.

His cast and crew once referred to his experience of the process as a state of constant “possible hypothermia”.

Renée Zellweger ate 20 donuts a day for Bridget Jones’ diary

Everyone’s favorite British experimental accent has caught on in the transition from independent films to big movies.

Zellweger’s roles of the early ’00s – lead character Bridget Jones and Chicago lead Roxie Hart – required dramatically different body types. And she didn’t have much time to maneuver.

The Texan gained 30 pounds for playing Bridget by eating 20 donuts a day.

She then lost weight and even more body fat on a strict 24-day shutdown diet to prepare to sing and dance as Roxie.

Actor wellness is taken a little more seriously these days with some minute conversations about what it means to transform your body so hard.

Zellweger said she already had a panic attack in 2007 after talking to a health expert about the implications of abusing her internal organs over short periods of time.

It clearly had an impact – the actress was cast to play murderous Pam Hupp for a new NBC series. This time, she puts on a big costume.

There has also been a noticeable critical change. In a reflection on this period of Zellweger’s career, titled “Did Bridget Jones Make Us Hate Our Bodies?” Vogue lamented how: “Articles have showcased her figure in Chicago,” which was notably slimmer, “like the Ideal and Bridget Jones like that gruesome and crass sacrifice for her artistry.”

Christian Bale: the human shape-shifter

Another fan of intense, all-around physical transformations, Christian Bale has been just about every size imaginable and continues to bring his body to hell in the name of acting.

Whether it’s gaining weight and getting your teeth healed to play the handsome and murderous Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, or losing 60 pounds for a grueling stint as an insomniac in the 2004 thriller “The Machinist” , he won’t do much to play his part. dream roles.

In a turn similar to Zellweger’s Bridget-Roxie’s quick timeline, Bale was set to debut as Batman in “Batman Begins” eight months after completing “The Machinist,” a 100-pound muscle gain that even director Christopher Nolan judged too much.

“When I got to England, Chris Nolan looked at me in shock, saying, ‘My God, you’re like some kind of grizzly bear!'” he told Femme Fatales.

Bale refutes the idea that he is an actor of method. He made headlines last year citing none other than Rowan Atkinson as his main inspiration.

Halle Berry didn’t wash for two weeks to impress Spike Lee

Halle Berry took a pragmatic approach with her acting debut in Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever”.

The 1991 film saw her play Vivian, a drug addict. Although her screen time was scarce, Berry didn’t bathe for two weeks before filming and spent some time researching Harlem crack houses.

She got so used to not bathing that she continued to dodge the soap for the duration of the shoot – another six weeks.

It’s clear to see why she took the opportunity so seriously – Spike Lee is responsible for launching the careers of some of Hollywood’s biggest black actors.

Live Samuel L. Jackson in the years 1989, “Do The Right Thing” counts as borderline surrealism at this stage of his current career.

Kate Winslet (unfortunately) isolated herself from the Ammonite cast

Kate Winslet vocally objected to her own take on the role of paleontologist Mary Anning in the period drama “Ammonite.”

Winslet viewed Anning as a deeply isolated presence who wouldn’t take advantage of the actress returning to comfortable hotels every day after filming.

A cold Dorset coastal cottage became his home during the filming. This is something she regrets now because it drove her into loneliness and boredom.

She told Stephen Colbert on ‘The Late Show’: “It was so secluded and cold and noisy that when there was a big storm the waves hit the windows of the house and the current would go down and I would just lay there in thinking, ‘Kate, what are you doing?’ Go to the hotel with everyone. “

Quite the opposite of the warm and festive campaign that defines her character in “The Holiday” gives up in favor of the LA sun.

Robert Pattinson got horribly drunk on the set of The Lighthouse

Hollywood’s most endearing eccentric suggested the method of going was a bit of a sham used by the actors in order to be a bit difficult.

“You only see people doing the method when they’re playing a hole,” Pattinson joked.

“You never see someone being lovely to everyone when they’re really deep in their character.”

The start of Pattinson’s career was famous for conforming to this philosophy. The Twilight production team had to draw abs on the young actor using makeup while he wasn’t training to play the glittering idol.

However, the Briton experienced it a bit when he starred in “The Lighthouse” in 2019, a role that required him to be incredibly drunk. The actor didn’t take this lightly and spent most of his hours on set “virtually oblivious”.

If he didn’t feel drunk enough, he would go around in circles before picking up and leaving rocks in his shoes to limit his mobility.

“It was crazy”, Pattinson said Esquire. “I spent so much time making myself throw up. Piss my pants. This is the most revolting thing. I don’t know, maybe it is really boring.

Marlon Brando made the method of acting an art form

An older, but deeply relevant example. Marlon Brando was one of the first students of American theater to truly become your character.

As a young actor he studied with Stella Adler and learned the techniques of Constantin Stanislavski, whose books “An actor is preparing” and “Building a character” have been foundational texts for more than a century.

Actors are encouraged to fully realize the internal aspects of their performance and to consider how they would react if they were that character in any given situation, leading to an organic symbiosis where you “become” your version of that person.

Brando’s performance as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire was seen as a turning point in movie history where the lines are blurred between acting and the real person.

It’s clear that this stuck with him throughout his six-decade career.

He spent a month in a hospital bed preparing for his veteran role in ‘The Men’ and stuffed his cheeks with cotton wool to create his bulldog appearance in The Godfather, later replaced by a mask that would have been very uncomfortable. carry.

“House of Gucci” debuts November 25 in most of Europe and November 26 in the UK.