The US presidential election is lastly over and Donald Trump has been rightly defeated. I actually really feel a sure pleasure however above all a reduction that this stain on our nation is eliminated. It is onerous to exult when 1000’s upon 1000’s of People have died needlessly on account of his excruciating response to the novel coronavirus pandemic and numerous kids of immigrants are ceaselessly marked as a result of he has cleared the limbs of his administration to separate refugee households.

In “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ivan Karamazov, again from college, questions Christian theodicy in a dialog along with his youthful holy brother Alyosha, a novice monk.

Intellectually, Ivan understands the ideas of unique sin and Jesus’ vicarious atonement.

He understands that “everybody should endure to purchase everlasting concord along with his struggling”.

However, ask Ivan, “What do the children must do with this?” Why ought to the harmless, particularly kids, endure right here and now simply to “be dung for somebody’s future concord?”

There could be no atonement for the sin of Trumpism. Keep in mind the migrant kids!

A victory for decency on November 3 doesn’t retroactively redeem the horrors suffered beneath this quickly to be out of date administration; it doesn’t remedy migrant kids torn from their moms by officers in Trump’s Division of Homeland Safety. Whereas we should be taught from the previous to stop Trumpism from rising once more, and whereas we needs to be working for good issues like environmental safety and common well being care, we must always by no means let ourselves be seen by the Trump period as a essential propellant in direction of any good that will come. sooner or later.

Within the subsequent chapter of Dostoyevsky’s nice novel, Ivan tells Alyosha a legend by which the Virgin Mom, accompanied by the Archangel St. Michael, visits hell and witnesses the “torments” of the damned till it hits “a set of probably the most amusing sinners in a scorching lake: a few of them sink to date into the lake that they cannot get again up and these ‘God forgets’. I want Trump’s legacy would go away and sink to date that he can by no means come to the floor once more. These newest Trump flags ought to ceaselessly be totems of a fallen false empire.

This is this from Percy Shelley –

And on the pedestal these phrases seem:

“My identify is Ozymandias, king of kings;

Take a look at my works, mighty, and despair!

There may be nothing else left. Across the decomposition

Of this colossal wreck, boundless and bare

The lonely, flat sands stretch out into the space.

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