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Matching Hollywood celebrities with their perfect offer of ownership of an English football club

In a twist to 2020 that no one saw coming, Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney became owners of fifth-tier side Wrexham.

The duo shared their vision for the Welsh side with fan-owned members of the club and won the members’ vote ahead of a £2million investment in the Welsh outfit.

We hope Reynolds and McElhenney return to their Hollywood soirees, enthusiastically report back to their Hollywood friends on their glamorous trips to Woking, Stockport, Dagenham and Redbridge, and also persuade them to put their hands in their pockets and get some energy. a team in the English football leagues.

But as many fans can testify, it is not always easy to find the right owner who is a perfect fit for a certain football team. Let’s see if we can match other Hollywood actors to other UK football teams.

Bring DiCaprio to New Lawn Stadium

Bring DiCaprio to the New Lawn Stadium / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Forest Green Rovers is owned by green energy entrepreneur Dale Vince and is the first football club in the world to be certified carbon neutral and vegan.

The club’s identity has been built on being green and eco-friendly, so who better to join the board than long-term climate champion Leonardo DiCaprio?

The Oscar-winning actor started his own environmental awareness charity in 1998, though his character met a rocky end in Titanic thanks to an unmelted ice cap.

Imagine DiCaprio and Hector Bellerin meticulously washes the yoghurt pots and brings out the recycling together to celebrate a final winning breath from Carl Winchester against Grimsby. It’s England’s answer to Hollywood.

Jackman has a voice that rivals that of Wycombe boss Ainsworth

Jackman has a voice that rivals that of Wycombe boss Ainsworth/Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

When you have a musical genius in the dugout, you need someone who can also hold a tune in the boardroom.

Wycombe boss Gareth Ainsworth’s management ability is often listed as his fourth greatest trait between one – his luscious locks, two – the fact that he wears leather jackets and three – the fact that he is in a group.

Ainsworth has been in several bands and is currently the frontman of The Cold Blooded Hearts, while Hugh Jackman has the vocal talents to rival even Ainsworth’s, appearing in musicals. Wretched and The greatest showman.

We can envision the pair arm-in-arm on the Adams Park pitch, giving a more melodious rendition than the former Hull boss Phil Brown’s attempt to Sloop John B by the Beach Boys after keeping Wycombe in the Championship on the final day of the season.

Jackson loves his golf

Jackson loves his golf / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The movie icon is one of the most successful and popular actors of his generation, but he also enjoys playing golf.

It is widely reported that Jackson has a clause in his contracts which allows him to take golf breaks during filming.

Well, well, Mr. Jackson, we think there might be a particular new Spurs signing who might share your passion for golf.

Bringing Samuel L. Jackson into the boardroom could help seal the deal and ultimately make Gareth Bale’s move to North London permanent. Or the Welshman might never kick a ball again as he and Jackson spend hours together at the Chingford driving range.

Lohan at Newcastle?  It would be so searching

Lohan at Newcastle? That would be so fetching/Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

The parallels between Newcastle and Lindsay Lohan are troubling. Kevin Keegan was for the Magpies this The parent trap was at Lohan, and while mean girls confirmed the American as a household name in 2004, Alan Shearer’s aims were to propel Newcastle into Europe.

Much like Newcastle, Lohan started having a hard time. For the actress it was off-screen struggles and the pressures of stardom, and for Newcastle it was Mike Ashley and two relegations in seven years.

But Lohan has since got her life back on track and has even ventured into entrepreneurial work. Could a Newcastle United takeover be next on his bucket list? That would be great.

Imagine Bielsa and Cruise exchanging ideas

Imagine Bielsa and Cruise exchanging ideas / Gareth Cattermole/BFC/Getty Images

Marcelo Bielsa has transformed Leeds’ fortunes beyond measure. The Whites were one of the biggest sleeping giants in English football, but the eccentric Argentine brought them back to the big time after a 16-year absence.

Bielsa has found success throughout his career with a collection of eccentric methods; to walk through his technical area in exactly 13 steps because it’s considered a lucky number in Argentina at Spy Gate, to draw on his shoes to show where players should kick the ball, to live with nuns in a monastery for three months without a phone or TV in 2004.

Now, I’m sure we can all agree that Ellland Road is just missing one thing to take Leeds to the next level.

A pinch of Scientology.

Let's bring Bolton and Harmer back to the big time

Let’s bring Bolton and Harmer back to the big time / Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

We are aware that Dani Harmer is not a Hollywood actress. But with the profile she had among British schoolchildren in the 2000s, she might as well have been.

Much like Harmer, Bolton was a big noise in the 2000s. Sam Allardyce tiki-taka-er the Trotters in Europe as Jay-Jay Okocha, Nicolas Anelka and Ivan Campo graced Reebok turf – the latter’s hair actually have the touch of the Tracy Beaker about it.

But much like Harmer, Bolton’s actions aren’t what they used to be. They currently find themselves in League Two, with Ken Anderson’s poor ownership largely to blame for their demise.

Harmer can rekindle some of that 2000s spirit to help bring Bolton back to the promised land – and more importantly tell Ken Anderson to BOG OFF.