The Chase contestants today included Andrew Castle, Heather Small and Graeme Le Saux, alongside Sykes. However, Sykes appeared to mock the ITV host about his role as a host on the game show even before answering questions.

As first contestant Melanie Sykes stood in front of Bradley Walsh in the cash builder, she immediately admitted, “I’m obviously very nervous.

“No one wants to look silly on TV,” she continued.

However, it seemed the host was laughing at the host when she said, alluding to Bradley: “We can’t all make a career out of this.”

Everyone laughed but there were boos from the audience and Mélanie quickly explained that she was “joking”.

“Why put you under this pressure,” a confused Bradley asked him.

Melanie said she desperately wanted to do it for charity and wanted to see Bradley and test herself.

She then joked that she should remember the word ‘pass’ while on tour, as she laughed and said it was more important than knowing some of the answers.

After her cash-builder, Melanie was thrilled to see the team take on Chaser Shaun Wallace.


The Dark Destroyer offered him £ 1,000 for the lowest bid and £ 30,000 for the highest bid.

Melanie won £ 3,000 in the cash builder which was a good start for the team.

However, her performance in the face-to-face was more difficult than she initially thought.

Melanie’s teammates urged her to go for the £ 3,000, which she did, saying: “Okay, I’m going to buy three!”

Although, unfortunately, Melanie failed to qualify for the final pursuit as she was caught by the hunter.

After losing the round, Melanie joked with Shaun, saying, “Where’s the exit?”

The Dark Destroyer was quick to point this out and respond “out there” as the audience laughed hysterically.

Second contender Andrew Castle also failed to qualify for the final pursuit, as did Graeme Le Saux.

Heather Small was the only member of the squad to win £ 5,000, winning just eight stages in the final pursuit.

Unfortunately, she was beaten by the Chaser with one minute and 12 seconds left on the clock.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5 p.m. ET.

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