Michael Jordan indulged in a 2v1 game against Charlie Sheen and his father, Martin Sheen, and would in fact lose the game.

The 1980s were an important moment in the history of the NBA as its importance was felt around the world. It was thanks to players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and of course Michael Jordan. Fans around the world have been mesmerized by “His Airness” and his unique skills and it has helped him have the personality to go with it.

However, as the NBA took hold of a global market, its effects were being fully felt in the United States. Rabid fanbases were already part of the United States and celebrities were interested in it as well. In 1987, Martin Sheen and his son Charlie Sheen challenged Michael Jordan in various basketball-related tasks.

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The first would be the free throws, but like any regular free throw would result in a GM win, there was a catch. Jordan would have to shoot 20 with his eyes closed and the Sheens would shoot 20 with his eyes open. Michael Jordan lost by one point as he drained 11 and the Sheens drained 12.

Michael Jordan loses a 2v1 against the Sheens.

The second challenge would be a simple game of HORSE and it’s obvious Jordan took the cake here. With his tie 1-1 each for the two challenges, the tiebreaker was a 2v1 but the Sheens would start with 5 points and the goal for MJ and the father-son duo would be 11 points.

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The game would actually be pretty close, but the Sheens would surprisingly outdo Michael Jordan with a final score of 12-11. However, it is clear from the video that MJ was not trying too hard and was mostly content with jumpers. If he had wanted to assert his will on the game, he could and easily have won.

Thanks to Charlie Sheen, as it looked like he had a sturdy sweater with a reliable hook shot.

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