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Photo by Tim Dennell (CC BY 2.0).

The Yorkshire Police boss has come under fire for blaming the victim after his comments that women should be more aware of what they can be arrested for.

North Yorkshire Police Federation Crime Commissioner Philip Allot sparked anger when he suggested women should educate themselves about what was a criminal act and Sarah Everard should never have submitted to arrest .

Her comments followed the conviction of Ms Everard’s murderer this week, in which it was revealed her horrific ordeal began with being tricked into a bogus arrest by a police officer wearing a warrant card and handcuffs.

The former police officer who snatched Ms Everard from a busy London street in March was sentenced to life imprisonment, the first of its kind for a crime committed by an officer on duty.


The hasty retraction of his comments came too late for angry critics, including Michael Sheen, who called for his dismissal for his insensitivity.

Sheen was unequivocal in his message to Allott, who tweeted a “heartfelt apology” for his comments, saying, “If you meant them, YOU SHOULD BE FIRED. If you didn’t mean them, your judgment is seriously flawed – and YOU SHOULD BE FIRED. If it took you this long to realize that you were “unresponsive” then your reaction time is appalling – and YOU SHOULD BE FIRED. #FirePhilipAllott


Tory Allott was speaking on BBC Radio York when he said that ‘women should know that this is not a criminal act – an offense considered serious enough to warrant jail time or a hearing in Crown court.

“So women, first of all, need to know when they can be arrested and when they can’t. She should never have been arrested and subjected to this, ”he said.

“Maybe women need to think in terms of the legal process, to learn a little more about this legal process.”

After the furious outcry on social media, he tweeted “I want to sincerely apologize for my comments on BBC York Radio earlier today, which I realize have been callous and wish to withdraw them in their entirety.”

Police have come under heavy criticism this week following the conviction of Wayne Couzens, for suggestions that women “run away”, “wave at a bus” or “refuse to submit” if a police officer apprehends them, leaving the responsibility of protecting themselves to women rather than suggesting ways to combat the perpetrators.

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