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Murder of Angela Kukawsky, manager of many Hollywood celebrities, boyfriend arrested

Angela Kukawsky, the manager who handles Hollywood celebrities, has been making headlines these days. And because of those headlines, her boyfriend brutally killed her. It’s currently the talk of the town in Hollywood. News of the murder of Angela Kukawsky, manager of celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles, USA, is making headlines. The famous manager was killed. Her boyfriend was charged with the murder, who is now behind bars.

According to media reports, Kukawsky had been missing for several days, when police became aware of him, police went looking for him, followed by the body of Angela Kukawsky, 55, in Simi Valley, northwest of Los Angeles, December 23. The woman was allegedly murdered by strangulation. On the other hand, bruises were also found on his neck. On suspicion, Kukawsky’s 49-year-old boyfriend Jason Barker was arrested. Murder and torture charges were filed against him through the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

Jason Barker tortured: Angela Kukawsky and her boyfriend Jason Barker reportedly had a lot of fights. Jason used to beat Kukawasky day after day. Now that the two were having an affair, Barker killed her in his Sherman Oaks home. He then placed the body in the car and then drove it to Simi Valley. After which he parked the car and drove off. According to media reports, Barker also stabbed his girlfriend before she was murdered. However, no statement on the arrests made in the whole high-tech case through the police has yet been released. We’re talking about an investigation into this murder case.

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