Hollywood celebrities

Music stars and Hollywood celebrities, fascinated by Miches

Artists and celebrities continue to be drawn to the Dominican Republic. Some of them have booked and acquired properties in the flourishing tourism of the commune of Miches, El Seibo province, where they commissioned luxury villas and attractive resorts.

Among the personalities who have formalized purchases to be part of the ambitious projects that will emerge in the paradisiacal environment, whose investment exceeds one billion dollars, are Shakira, Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay Z, husband and producer of Beyonce, and Vin Diesel.

Venezuelan businessman Gustavo Cisneros and local businessman Georges nader are the pioneers in promoting Miches as a tourist attraction.

The businessmen revealed that the area would be a “celebrity nest”, which was visited by Brad Pitt, Julio Iglesias, and Ricardo Arjona, among others. It is not excluded that some of them are also interested in investing in the destination.

Regarding investments, they explained that the region is projected to be the most flourishing at present, he just announced: famous sport, which in turn will attract other figures of similar stature and punch from the jet -set.

Nader pointed out that in the case of Shakira and Jay Z, they have commissioned designs on the majestic constructions that will be erected on the site, after dealing with the contractual and legal aspects that guarantee their investment.

He assured that Miches had his time and that they had been working there for 18 years.

The investments include three luxury hotels, a housing plan, exclusive zones and other investments by Tropical Group; businessmen, Juan Ramon Gomis and the new one Moralta Group chaired by Frank Elias Rainieri.

“As part of the strategy, although it worked intensely, the procedures and contacts were carried out with great discretion so as not to affect the business,” Nader said, according to local press.

The Dominican businessman cited the visit of this former baseball star Alex rodriguez recently made to learn about the property and the ambitious projects raised, taking advantage of the filming which Jennifer lopez done in Dominican places.

It is recalled that the president Luis Abinader recently led a meeting in which he formalized an agreement between the public and private sectors to develop the Miches coastline, which includes an investment of over one million dollars, to control and monitor the strategy of the works that they intend to realize there.

the Bavaro-Punta Cana area is completely surrounded by complexes, which is why Miches is positioned as the one with the most attraction and possibility of investment due to its potential in beaches, ecosystems and other attractions.