Netflix has a strange history with show renewals. Honestly, since we only get metrics for series good, then it leaves us wondering when some things have been renewed while others have not. Firefly lane, starring Katherine Heigel and Sarah Chalke, marked a season 2 renewal on Wednesday. Given that it appears the plan was to split the series into two seasons? Not that surprising.

According to Netflix and Nielsen metrics, Firefly lane ravaged many eyeballs in its first 28 days, nearly 50 million. The renewal for Firefly lane Season 2 makes sense, but also, it’s frustrating considering other big Netflix shows that have had the kibosh. Whether it’s due to limited fan engagement or limitations due to COVID-19, maybe these Netflix series should get another chance.

I don’t agree with that

With Sophia Lillis (HE) like Sydney Novak, I don’t agree with that follows Sydney as she battles her father’s suicide, realizing that she is in love with her best friend and the pains of being a teenager in high school. Also, she may be developing superpowers, which are causing her to panic. The series is perfectly written and performed, but unfortunately was canceled due to COVID-19 after one season.

Given that I don’t agree with that ended on a pretty big cliffhanger? It’s really infuriating that we aren’t getting more from the show. However, with more people vaccinated and the pressure to get things back to normal, we are begging Netflix to reverse the cancellation and bring the series back for a second season. It was so good.

The society

Another beloved teen series canceled due to COVID-19 which, perhaps, could have a new life on Netflix. Please? With a little sugar on it please? In The society, a group of teenagers return home after a canceled excursion only to find that everyone in their town is gone. Of course, they have to build a new society from scratch, because they have to survive on limited resources.

What really stings is that The society has been renewed for a second season. Then COVID-19 happened and Netflix overturned the decision, which drove fans crazy. Now, however, maybe Netflix can reverse the reversal? Take us back to The society? We have to see if things really turn into Lord of the Flies. Most importantly, we need serious answers.

Prodigal son

For more variety, let’s talk about a show that wasn’t canceled by Netflix, but might perform well on the streamer. Fox canceled this beloved series after two seasons. On the show, we follow Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne), a former FBI profiler who helps the NYPD solve cases. Bright has quite a unique insight into the criminal mind because his father (Michael Sheen) was a serial killer known as the Surgeon.

Prodigal son follows Bright as he deals with his childhood trauma while trying to solve cases. Payne delivers a stellar performance as Malcolm Bright. When are you bringing Sheen? Forget that. Season 2 of Prodigal son ended with a cliffhanger. Given the success of Netflix when it acquired the rights to Hannibal? Well, they can definitely breathe new life into this show.

Watch what happened when Netflix picked up the old Fox series Lucifer of the undo stack? This took the show to dazzling new heights.


Go Netflix. You have acquired the rights. The fans want it. The actors want it. We want it. We have written several articles on why we want Hannibal to finish his race. We have nothing more to give you, cruel corporate overlord. So please? Please? Tell us more about this series. Please.

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