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Not My Finest Hour: Eight Hollywood Stars Still Haunted By Disastrous Roles | Culture

One of the tricky parts of stardom is having all the professional mistakes available to the world for the public to revisit. When it comes to actors and actresses, those missteps come in the form of films that, in the worst case, can end a career; and, at best, stay in the past and remember with humor, as these eight celebrities do now. Sandra Bullock is the latest on the long list of celebrities to confess to a particularly embarrassing and haunting project from the past.

Slow boat. Go slowly to an island

Actress: Sandra Bullock

Film: Speed ​​2 (1997)

Sandra Bullock doesn’t really like sequels. In an interview for the lost city, the film in which she stars with Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe and Channing Tatum, the interviewer asked her if she had any previous projects that she regretted. She replied frankly, “I have one that no one has been to and I’m still ashamed to be there. His name is Speed ​​2. I’ve been very vocal about it. That does not make any sense. Slow boat. Slowly go to an island. This is the one I wish I hadn’t done. And Bullock is not alone: Speed ​​2 is ranked worldwide as one of the worst action films in history, with savage reviews mixed with box office failures, possibly due to the absence of Keanu Reeves, the original costar who did not return for the sequel. When his interviewer told Bullock he liked Speed ​​2, she joked, “Were you stoned?” “I was 12,” replied the journalist. “OK, that answers my question,” she replied.

George Clooney as Batman.
George Clooney as Batman.

We all sniffed that one

Actor: George Clooney

Film: batman and robin (1997)

There are so many different fronts when it comes to judging the colorful and misguided disaster that has been batman and robin – the second and final film in the saga directed by the late Joel Schumacher. Its lead actor, George Clooney, may feel lucky not to be the only one under surveillance. Director and co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger was also blamed for the end result, as were the supporting actresses and even the production’s design team for creating the first Batman costume with nipples. But Clooney has always been honest about the movie. The last time he spoke about it was a year ago, during a press conference in New York to promote one of his films, The tender bar. “I made a superhero movie and screwed it up so badly they wouldn’t let me near the set.” In an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show a year earlier, he admitted, “I couldn’t have done that one any differently. It’s a big machine, that thing. You have to remember at this time; I was just an actor getting an acting job. I wasn’t the guy who could greenlight a movie. […] The truth is, I was bad at it. Akiva Goldsman wrote the screenplay. And it’s a terrible scenario, he’ll tell you. Joel Schumacher realized it and he was like, ‘Yeah, it didn’t work out.’ We all smelled that one”.

Christopher Plummer in
Christopher Plummer in “The Sound of Music”.©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection (©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett C)


Actor: Christopher Plummer

Film: The sound of music (1965)

When it comes to actor phobias, there’s room for fiascos and undisputed classics. The sound of music is a milestone in musical cinema, with the American Film Institute ranking it among its greatest films of all time, but Christopher Plummer, who brought Captain von Trapp to life, didn’t like it. During a round table of actors organized by The Hollywood Reporter in 2011, someone asked the actor what role he hated the most in his career, and he brought up the movie. Laughing, he explained, “It was so awful and sentimental and gooey, you had to work awfully hard trying to infuse just a tiny bit of humor into it.” His displeasure is also evident in his memoirs, Despite me : he refers to the film as S&M, film initials, and sadomasochism.

Halle Berry as Catwoman.
Halle Berry as Catwoman.

Thanks for “that shit”

Actress: Halle Berry

Film: catwoman (2004)

Berry is one of those actresses who best (or worst) symbolizes the supposed curse of the Oscars: after being the first black woman to win the Best Actress Oscar for The Monster Ball in 2002, she embarked on a major action project, one of the first with a female heroine, Catwoman. And everything went downhill for her after her failure at the box office. However, she took her “Razzie” – the dark side of the Oscars, rewarding film industry disasters of each year – for Worst Actress – with admirable humor and professionalism. She also became one of the first celebrities to accept this anti-award in person.

Parodying her excited reaction to receiving the Oscar, she walked onto the stage – with her Oscar in one hand, the Razzie in the other. She said, “Thank you very much. I never thought in my life that I would be here, winning a Razzie. I mean, it’s not like I ever aspired to be good, but thank you,” before thanking a few others for the award. “I have so many people to thank because you don’t win a Razzie without a lot of help from a lot of people.” Amidst laughter from the audience, she named those involved before exclaiming, “I want to thank Warner Brothers, thank you for putting me in an awful shit movie!” She also thanked her manager: “This guy loves me so much he tells me I’m the greatest actress ever, he loves me so much he convinces me to do projects even when he knows it’s is shit!” ”

Óscar Jaenada, in a 2019 file photo.
Óscar Jaenada, in a 2019 file photo. Hector Guerrero (El Pa’s)

The protagonist wouldn’t look at it

Actor: Oscar Jaenada

Film: XXL (2004)

Before being famous and rewarded for his eponymous role in Camaro (2005), and moving to the United States, where he had a successful career, Óscar Jaenada starred in XXL (2004), a comedy he did not appreciate. And he didn’t even wait long to admit it, coming clean almost at the same time as promoting the film. In statements to the EFE news agency reported by the Spanish daily El MundoJaenada (nominated at the time for the Goya for Best New Actor for Achero Mañas november) explained: “The only Spanish cinema that seems to be relevant is the comedy genre, and XXL is just another movie. It’s not one I would watch, but sometimes you have to accept projects you don’t like because you have to eat. Years later, during a conversation with the men’s magazine EL PAÍS Icon, the actor recalled that moment: “I don’t have the same nerve as when I was 20 now that I’m 40. […] Now, something that catches my attention is meeting a lot of people who really liked this movie.”

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte in
Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte in ‘I Like Trouble’.photo: MPTV.net

The worst

Actor: Nick Nolte

Film: I like problems (1994)

Nick Nolte, who has never really been late to come forward, deeply hates I like problems, the 1994 romantic comedy that united him with Julia Roberts, then the biggest star in the world. The film attempted to resurrect the great battle of the sexes, similar to the goofy comedies of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, but it failed. Reviews were negative, and the box office recorded the first flop for the previously unsinkable Roberts. The relationship between the actors was so bad that the lack of chemistry went beyond the screen. Roberts once called Nolte “completely disgusting”, he fired back, saying Roberts was “not a nice person”. Regarding the film, the star of Affliction ranks it as the worst movie he’s ever acted in, admitting he only did it for the money.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the saga
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the “Twighlight” saga.

“A Ridiculous Guy”

Actor: Robert Pattinson

Saga: Dusk (2008-2012)

It’s pretty common for teen idols to end up hating the roles that saw them rise to fame. Jamie Dornan does not like so much 50 shades of grey, and Leonardo DiCaprio has always expressed some ambiguity towards Titanic. Thanks to The Batman, Robert Pattinson is the major star of 2022. But he is no exception to this rule, and is not a fan of the saga that made him an idol. In August 2011, he made fun of the series himself in an interview for the British magazine Empire. “When you read the book [Twilight by Stephenie Meyer], it’s like, ‘Edward Cullen was so handsome I skimmed.’ I mean, every line is like this. He is the most ridiculous person who is so incredible in everything. […] And the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that’s how I played him, as a self-hating manic-depressive. Plus, he’s a 108-year-old virgin, so he obviously has some issues there.”

Shia LaBeouf in
Shia LaBeouf in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.MPTV.net (David James)

Shia, more LaBeouf than ever

Actor: Shia LaBeouf

Film: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

LaBeouf is a rebellious and experimental actor. For example, if almost everyone in Hollywood spends their whole life waiting for Steven Spielberg to call him, he makes sure that Steven Spielberg never calls him again. Not even after the legendary director paved the way to stardom and gave him the opportunity to appear in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) starring Harrison Ford, a role any young actor or aspiring star would have killed for. In 2016, in an interview with Variety in Prague, LaBeouf explained that, like many other actors, he also grew up dreaming of working with Spielberg. “You get there and you realize you’re not getting the Spielberg you dreamed of. You meet a different Spielberg, who is at a different stage in his career. It’s less a director than a fucking company”. The actor added that he felt like there was no room to grow as an actor with the director of HEY. “Everything was so meticulously planned. You have to get that line out in 37 seconds. You do this for five years, you start to feel like you don’t know what you are doing for a living anymore. “I don’t like the films I made with Spielberg,” he says. He does not consider Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a success, despite its worldwide sales of nearly $800 million. “I prepped for a year and a half, then the movie comes out, and it’s your fault. This shit hurts a lot”.