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One Piece Live Action: Hollywood stars who should be in the Netflix series

One Piece is one of the most successful manga series of all time. Launched in 1997, it has generated over $21 billion in revenue across various products. Things don’t seem to be slowing down, for the beloved franchise. Netflix has announced a live-action series based on the manga, and fans are shivering with anticipation! The production company behind the project is Tomorrow Studios and things are being finalized. We take a look at the Hollywood stars we think should be on the show.

1. John Cena as Arlong

John Cena

We start with the villains and the biggest villain of all, Arlong. Now Arlong deserves to be played by someone so intimidating. His impressive physique should be described as it is. We landed on John Cena, one of the most popular professional wrestlers. John Cena has an amazing body fit to play the role of the bully. Cena has been busy with his acting career lately, starring in several movies. He not only brings his incredible physique, but also his acting skills to the table. All in all, he is perfectly suited to play the role of Arlong.

2. Zac Efron as Zoro

The stars who should be in the One Piece Netflix series
Zac Efron

Zac Efron has great action hero potential, and the same could be used here as well. He would be fine for the eggs of the Straw Hat Swordsman – Zoro. Efron has played over-the-top quirky characters before and would do Zoro’s character full justice. Zoro has one of the goofiest characters on the show, and Efron’s personality would fit the role well. Zoro’s green hair would suit Efron and look good on him. Finally, Efron has the body of a swordsman and can play the role well.

3. Zendaya as Vivi

The stars who should be in the One Piece Netflix series

Zendaya has an impressive resume. She has played a variety of characters and roles and proven herself. She is quite talented and also has a knack for dressing well. Moreover, she has starred in many stellar films, from Disney Channel to Spider-Man and more. Moreover, she adapts to all kinds of costumes and does a good job. Vivi is a princess and is an over the top energetic character that Zandaya can play very well! His past and his roles bear witness to this.

4. Naomi Scott as Nami

The stars who should be in the One Piece Netflix series
Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott is a talented actress and has played all sorts of roles in her career. Her expressions and acting ability make her a strong partner to play the role of Nami. Naomi has the ability to express the full range of emotions and can handle the character of Nami very well. We think she would be a good addition to the cast of One Piece Live Action.

5. Sebastian Stan as Shanks

The stars who should be in the One Piece Netflix series
Sebastian Stan

Shanks’ character is quite important. Moreover, he has a strong personality and requires another heady person to play him. Sebastian Stan seems to fit the role naturally. His demeanor and acting skills are on point and would play the role well. Shanks is a red-haired pirate and arguably the coolest pirate of them all. That’s why he needs an equally cool and awesome star to play him on the show, and Sebastian Stan is exactly that!

6. Florence Pugh as Nico Robin

The stars who should be in the One Piece Netflix series
Florence Poug

Now, Nico Robin is the most level-headed of all the characters on the show and doesn’t often show emotion. Admittedly, his role is quite delicate. This is why Florence Pugh is best placed to play her role. Florence has a calm, stoic personality and is a natural fit for Robin’s character. Also, his voice is quite soothing and goes well with the overall character. Finally, she is beautiful in black hair!