Paul Sinha stepped in on The Chase tonight to defend a player who seemed to mix between Oscar Wilde and, uh, Charles Manson.

The Sinnerman was on daytime TV favorite ITV1 starting at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 7, alongside presenter Bradley Walsh.

Four contestants faced off against the Sinnerman in an attempt to get their hands on some life-changing amount of money.

But one of them, Clare, got everyone talking after a glaring error saw her give “Charles Manson” as an answer to a question.

The correct answer was Oscar Wilde – and that left The Chase viewers horrified by his mistake.

Sinha, however, came to his aid.

The Sinnerman was incredibly forgiving, as he told Clare: “It just goes to show that under pressure even the best players can confuse Oscar Wilde and Charles Manson!”

“It was the mention of the prison!” the red-faced Claire insisted.

Clare was asked which famous author was exposed by Artangel at Reading Prison, the stress must have hit her as she quickly jumped in with: “Charles Manson?”

Fortunately, Clare managed to reach the final pursuit.

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And once there, she collected her share of the prize fund – and Sinha was beaten!

Sinha is one of six hunters used by the show, which airs weekday evenings from 5 p.m. on ITV1.

The episodes are available to viewers via the on-demand streaming platform ITV Hub after they air Monday through Friday night on ITV1.

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