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Paul Verhoeven frustrated with asexual Hollywood films

dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven has always tested the limits of good taste when it comes to sex and violence in his films. With a career that spans six decades, the director has had his share of controversy around his use of erotic scenes, especially at the time of the lesbian nun film.Benedettawhich recently sparked a lot of outrage from the religious crowd.

Verhoeven has been a critic of Hollywood’s puritanical view of sex in film and this is highlighted in a new interview with The Sunday Times, where he is intrigued that studio films are genderless given the importance of sex for the survival of mankind.

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“Sex is the essence of existence!” said the director. “Without it, there is no more cash. So why is it a big secret? There is a new purity.

One of the reasons Verhoeven made “Benedetta” in France and Italy was to avoid Hollywood censors.

He also targeted the popular Wonderl movies and even the James Bond franchise, disappointed by the recent Daniel Craig films, pointing directly to the final film »no time to die.”

“It’s about crashing and exploding,” Verhoeven said of modern studio films. “Sometimes these movies are fun, but the narrative doesn’t tell you anything about us now. I don’t see any other thought in Marvel or Bond movies.

He went on to talk about the legacy of sex appeal in the Bond films: “There has always been sex in Bond! They didn’t show any breasts or anything. But they had sex.

Hollywood has pivoted to focus on younger/family oriented audiences as TV continues to become the platform for more mature storytelling. Fewer studio movies are aimed at adult American audiences, but at least as long as Verhoeven is making movies, you can expect him to make sex an integral part of his projects.

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