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People call Hollywood celebrities hypocrites for skipping masks

The 2021 Emmy Awards were a face-to-face event, and few Twitter users were delighted that celebrities showed up without a mask and sat close to each other amid the pandemic.

In his opening monologue, Emmy host Cedric the Entertainer joked about the coronavirus and said attendees need to get their shots for the Sunday event, reported New York Post. “I had no reaction like the friend of Nicki Minaj’s cousin. I have Pfizer because I am a candle. Pfizer is the Neiman Marcus of vaccines, Moderna is Macy’s. Johnson & Johnson, it’s TJ Maxx, ”said the host.

The evening’s first host was actor Seth Rogen, who also joked about the pandemic saying he went from “wiping my groceries to (actor) Paul Bettany sneezing in my face.”

Twitter user criticized Hollywood celebrities and said they were all hypocrites. Another one do laughing at them and said it’s Hollywood so the rules don’t apply to them. Another one surfer called them the “privileged class” and noted that they were the same celebrities who wept over people not wearing masks and found the hypocrisy too huge for anyone to ignore.

Besides the Emmys, the Met Gala earlier this month also upset fans about the rules of the pandemic. Rapper Nicki Minaj even skipped the gala because guests were asked to produce proof of their vaccination. The “Starships” hitmaker tweeted that if she got the shot, it wouldn’t be for the gala. She said that would be after she felt she had done enough research and was working on it. But she told her fans to be safe and wear the mask with two strings that grip the face and head.

When others asked her about her views on vaccination, she claimed that her cousin in Trinidad did not want to be vaccinated because her friend had received it and ended up becoming powerless.

Actress Jennifer Aniston, who received a nomination for “Friends: The Reunion” special at the 73rd annual Emmy Awards, had earlier said she would not attend the star-studded event because it is a big step for she just made an appearance on host Jimmy Kimmel’s show, according to Deadline.

Seth Rogen attends the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards LA LIVE on September 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Rich Fury / Getty Images