(photo file / pixabay)
(photo file / pixabay)

James City County Police are warning residents of adult website scams after a surfer sent sexually explicit photos to a local man, then blackmailed him for $ 500.

On April 8, a man reported to police that he had texted a girl for several days on Adultfriendfinder.com and that they had exchanged sexually explicit photos, according to police spokeswoman Stephanie Williams.

AdultFriendFinder is a website intended to “help find partners for dating, romantic relationships, friendship and a variety of dating,” according to the site’s general information page.

The girl she was 18, Williams said.

A few days after the man started texting the girl, he got a call from someone claiming to be the girl’s father.

The caller said the girl was only 16 and threatened to press charges unless the man immediately sent her $ 500.

The caller told the man to put the $ 500 on a MoneyPak CardWilliams said.

According to Williams, the incident is a known scam. The man did not send the scammer money.

Scammers use many different ploys to try to get money from unsuspecting victims, ”Williams wrote in an email. “Many online sites, such as dating sites, provide fraudsters with the anonymity they need to reach many potential victims. Citizens should exercise caution when contacting people online when there is no way to confirm the identity (or age) of the person on the other end. “

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