Hollywood star Rebel Wilson looked lovely in a new photo posted to her social media page as she flaunted her toned limbs while posing for a mirror selfie.

Rebel Wilson’s sleek figure was featured on her Instagram Story as she shared an eye-catching photo of her slim figure. The star showed off her smooth legs.

Wilson’s limbs were flawlessly toned. The star actress’ show-off comes after a series of media posts related to her weight loss journey.

Rebel Wilson on the red carpet at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards on February 9, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images


She dressed in an emerald green cheerleader outfit that included a pair of emerald shorts. The outfit showed her tanned legs except for the inside of her thighs.

The award-winning actress commented on her tan, noting that she was very happy with it. She held her blonde hair in a high ponytail, focusing on the full-length mirror, then showed her looking directly at the camera.

Wilson rocked a pair of white sneakers. In another of her posts, she shared a reading video of herself spending energy as a professional cheerleader. The “Jojo Rabbit” star was caught on camera jumping through the air.


Ever since fans first became aware of Wilson’s 60-pound weight loss, they’ve seen her flaunt her fashion line through different stylish looks. The “Bridesmaid” actress caught the attention of her followers after sharing a summer photo.

Photo of a Rebel Wilson wearing an emerald green cheerleader outfit |  Photo: Instagram / rebelwilson

Photo of a Rebel Wilson wearing an emerald green cheerleader outfit | Photo: Instagram / rebelwilson

Wilson sunbathed in a tropical location as she rocked a turquoise playsuit and white hat. She protects her eyes with a pair of cat eye sunglasses. She posed, lightly biting the tassels that were attached to her blanket.

It’s been about showing off for Wilson ever since she hit her weight loss goal. At another of the beach hangouts, she donned a black one-piece with short sleeves and a zipper up the front.

In the shared photo, Wilson showed off her slender figure while giving fans a glimpse of her ample cleavage. She wore her cat-eye umbrellas and a blue wide-brimmed hat. She put on her feet a pair of black Givenchy slides.

Once she opened up about her weight loss, Wilson noted that she wasn’t particular about numbers, as she was more concerned with being healthy. Wilson said she liked to be round and kept it up.


On another style show from the actress, she took to Instagram to show off a video of her and a friend having a fun time. The 41-year-old wore an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of fitted yellow biker shorts.

She and her boyfriend filmed themselves sliding down a vertiginous slide. Wilson held her blonde actresses in a high bun while rocking her favorite cat-eye sunglasses.

In a previous article, the TV star showed off a chic look on the set of her new movie, “Senior Year.” She put on a pink dress that clung slightly to her figure. In May, Wilson wore another sexy look.

Here, she went for an all-black glamor that included a top with a feather neckline and a pair of yoga shorts. The star hugged her waist with a gold belt and rocked her cat-eye sunglasses.


While the pandemic caused many shutdowns in 2020, Wilson saw the silver lining and named it her “healthy year,” and by November she had lost considerable weight.

The star recently shared that she not only experienced a change with her weight, but also noticed the societal change. She shared that people are now offering to help her carry her groceries.

Either way, Wilson believes she looks good in all sizes and has always been confident. She added that the cut only doubled the extent of her confidence.

Wilson isn’t the only star to have undergone surprising weight loss transformations. Music star Adele debuted with a slim figure on social media on her birthday.

Other stars who have lost a lot of weight include “The Pioneer Woman” star Ree Drummond, Melissa McCarthy, Jessica Simpson and reality TV star Mama June.

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