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Rebellious wilson has been turning heads from glance to glance since embarking on her incredible weight loss journey.

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The actress showed off another amazing look from her arsenal in her latest Instagram post that really gave us all the positive vibes we needed this summer.

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Rebel posted a photo wearing a low-cut yellow sundress, with a belted waist that really showed how amazing her figure had become.

Her hair looked damp and cool, like she had just gotten out of a dip in the ocean, and she kept the rest of the look, which she wore to lunch, pretty minimal.

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However, it was who she was in the photo with that really caught the eye, as she sat next to tennis legend John McEnroe.


A screen and sports icon, casually having lunch

“Lunch with this legend,” she wrote in the caption with a tennis racket emoji, fangirling over the sports icon, which has recently seen a resurgence in popularity with her role as narrator on the hit series Netflix I have never.

Fans were in love with the snapshot and several of them tossed the word “legendary” in the comments section for John. One fan commented, “I’m still blown away with her transformation,” referring to the actress’ incredible 75-pound weight loss.

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“Two captions in one photo,” wrote another fan, and a third added insolently, “Ask him how he feels when meeting the legend that is Rebel Wilson!”

the Perfect the star has been enjoying a relaxing and scenic Italian vacation since she finished filming her next movie, Secondary year.


Fans were giddy over Rebel’s barely-there bikini

She caused a bit of a frenzy when she posted another photo from her trip, this time dressed in a bikini that dangerously brushed the imagination.

“Med-day,” she simply wrote in the caption of this photo, and fans have left fire emoji after fire emoji, including her ex-boyfriend, Jacob Busch.

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