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Rebellious wilson wowed fans again as she took at the beach to enjoy the beautiful rays of the sun.

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the Perfect the star posted a selfie of up close enjoying her day, with the beautiful sandy beach and ocean stretching out in front of it reflected in her sunglasses.

The rebel was lying on a lounge chair, as she hid it beautiful blonde locks and wore a pretty pink cap, with his airpods in his ears allowing him to listen to his tracks.

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But it was the star’s outfit that reportedly caught the eye as she rocked a beautiful tight black swimsuit.

Rebel recently hit the beach on a frequent occasion, and she was channel it fully Baywatch fancy in a black swimsuit, a blue sun hat and sunglasses.

The star, which recently lost 60 pounds with strict exercise and a healthy diet, looked amazing in scuba-style beach wear – and unsurprisingly, the fan reaction to Rebel’s cool beach photo has been overwhelming.

And there have been a lot of comments about Rebel’s gorgeous black swimsuit. “Fabulous and confident. I love this costume! wrote a fan.


Rebel looked sensational!

Another said: “An incredible transformation. Until you’ve gone through one you really don’t know how difficult it is. Fantastic rebellious. Keep inspiring.”

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And Rebel isn’t the only family member who enjoys visiting the beach, as his sister, Annachi, posted some gorgeous, sunny Bahamian selfies.

the Cats the star’s sister could practically be her twin, and without her brunette hairstyle fans could easily have thought it was Rebel!

“The beaches are shaded,” she captioned the post and her social media followers unloaded a slew of emojis and compliments on fire.

As Annachi takes the sun on his glorious getaway, Rebel works hard and is content to shared some very exciting news.


Rebel hits the beach on a frequent occasion

She announced her children’s book, that of Bella the brave release date on Instagram. “From being a shy girl growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs to becoming an international movie star, I have learned many valuable life lessons.

“I am so excited to be able to share this knowledge with children in a fun, entertaining and stimulating way.”

Her fans congratulated her and wrote, “Thank you Rebel for being an inspiration to young Australian women and women around the world”, and another added, “Bella is really cute.”

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