Rebellious wilson became outspoken about the obsession with her “healthy year”.

As you know, the 41-year-old actress started to focus on her fitness and health in 2020, which has steadily grabbed the headlines for the past year or so. And while she was honest about her journey with fans, she expressed in an interview for The daily telegraph‘s Stellar magazine that it was actually a little frustrating to have audiences so obsessed with his appearance now. She explained:

“In 2019, I released, like, four movies, two that I have [also] product and one, Jojo Rabbit [in which she starred], which was nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture. Still, I get more pressure the next year when I don’t do anything other than lose weight.

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Despite the frustration, Wilson says she also fully understands why:

“People are so obsessed with [weight loss]. But I understand. Oprah is one of my heroes. She certainly has eating issues, and I always watched her episodes when she was talking about it.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Perfect alum shared that the most important part of his journey was not the physical transformation but moving beyond his emotional crutch to food:

“When I was at my heaviest, I also had the most international attention on me. Because I am not a natural performer, my natural personality is very introverted; the way I handled this pressure was to eat. I would reward myself with a block of chocolate.

Wilson continued:

“For the first time in my life, I lost weight and kept it off. I am therefore more proud of this fact. It worked because it was the whole lifestyle approach and emotional eating management. I am not completely healed. I don’t think you can be. But I learned to deal with it, and it’s not by having a bowl of ice cream.

The Isn’t that romantic? the star previously shared that she started focusing on her health in order to one day start a family, and Wilson explained how her path to motherhood has so far been an “emotional roller coaster,” recounting Stellar:

“I have been on a fertility journey for the past two years and I hope that at some point I can have my own family. But it is still a little difficult to know if this will be the case. I feel like [it’s] Not finished yet. It’s kind of an emotional roller coaster. But I did my best, so anyway, it will be.

Always appreciate Rebel’s honesty! What do you think of what she had to say about the public’s obsession with her weight loss transformation? Let us know in the comments (below).

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