Rebel Wilson says the desire to have children was the catalyst for her weight loss.

The 41-year-old actress revealed that she has been on a “fertility journey” for the past two years and losing weight was one of the steps she took to help her become a mother.

Speaking to Australian magazine The Sunday Telegraph’s Stellar, Rebel said: “I have been on a fertility journey for the past two years and I hope that at some point I will have my own family.

“But it’s still a little unclear whether that will be the case. I have a feeling [it’s] Not finished yet. It’s kind of an emotional roller coaster. But I did my best, so whatever happens, it will be. “

In May, Rebel – who revealed last year that she was freezing her eggs – took to Instagram to share “bad news” about her fertility with her fans.

She said: “I got some bad news today and I didn’t have anyone to share it with… but I guess I need to tell someone about it. To all the women struggling with fertility, I The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense … but I hope there is light about to shine through all the dark clouds.

“*** UPDATE *** I just wanted to say I woke up this morning and read the kind messages and stories from everyone about their travels and I can’t tell you how much that mattered for me and made me feel a lot better today. Social media for the win here in terms of connection building when I was in a very lonely place. So thank you all. “

Meanwhile, Rebel revealed that losing weight has helped her come into contact with her “inner mermaid.”

She said: “I grew up not really discussing my appearance, I was the personality girl. But after going through my entire health transformation last year, I was in touch with this” inner mermaid. “.”

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