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Perfect actress Rebellious wilson has lost 65 pounds since embarking on her wellness journey last year to become the healthiest herself yet – and we live for her transformation.

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While the Aussie star has always looked amazing, Rebel, 41, started her weight loss journey last year after finding out that the healthier she was, the more likely she was to be able to freeze with it. success her eggs.

“I never really looked at wellness from all angles. But I was 40 and thinking about freezing my eggs, and the experts told me that the healthier I am, the better the process can be. to go”, she revealed.

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WATCH: Rebel Wilson’s year of health transformation revealed

There’s no question that Rebel’s health transformation is inspiring – but how did she do it? We spoke to his personal trainer, Jono Castano, to learn about Rebel’s weight loss routine.

Read on to discover his top tips for lasting health transformation like Rebel’s …

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Jono Castano is a celebrity personal trainer

Get out of your comfort zone

When it comes to exercise, Rebel’s personal trainer Jono encourages his clients to upgrade to a capacity “just above their comfort zone”.

Jono created a six week body transformation workout available through Live now, which follows the same principles he uses with Rebel. According to Jono, a typical week of training with Rebel looked like this:


The Australian star exercises in the great outdoors as much as possible


Day 2: Weight / resistance

Day 3: HIIT

Day 4: HIIT



Day 7: HIIT

Make walking a priority

Early in her transformation, Rebel attended an Austrian health retreat “that eliminated all possible toxic substances in all kinds of crazy ways”, and it was here that she learned the benefits of a brisk walk.

“While there, I learned that moderate walking – not even brisk – is the best way for me to lose unnecessary body fat,” she told Shape magazine.


Rebel loved her new healthier self

Of course, Rebel has also changed his diet, with an emphasis on foods that are nutritious and high in protein.

Invest in exercise equipment

We all got used to home workouts during the lockdown – just like Rebel with his physiotherapy sessions.

“With all of my virtual workout session clients, I usually suggest having a set of dumbbells or kettlebells and resistance bands,” Jono said. “Adding them to your workouts will definitely give you a great workout and a good range of exercises you can do. The best part about this type of equipment is that you don’t need a lot of space to store it or do the training. “


HYBRID fitness bands, £ 9.99 / $ 13.90, Amazon


Document your weight loss journey

Arguably, one of the elements of a fitness journey that many people overlook is actually one of the most important. Whether you’re celebrating small wins or taking pride in big milestones, keeping a journal of your progress can be key to staying motivated.

“Rethinking your trip will show you that even in the most difficult times, even the days when you didn’t feel like training, you got over it and got stronger” Jono agreed.


Rebel has always rocked the red carpet

“Exercise is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. You will feel better overall and just need a little refresher on why you started to continue. “

Focus on the benefits of exercise

According to Jono, “Reb has declared 2020 his healthy year,” so his training regimen was more focused on being able to reap the positive effects of training and getting his body moving more, compared to anything else. It’s a fitness routine that we can get started with!


Jono says variety is key to your workouts

Mix up your workouts

Jono says variety is the key. He explains, “Have a variety of workouts that you enjoy doing. I am a big supporter of doing # 45 daily and that does not need to be high intensity every day. If you like to walk, add a few walks to your training routine.

“In my ACERO gym, we have trainers who focus on different workouts like HIIT, strength training, boxing and Pilates, to provide our clients with a good range of workouts to add variety to their schedule. . “

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Jono’s six week body transformation program is accessible online via the LIVENow Fitness platform. Price £ 35.00

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