Buckle up, because season 2 of The stewardess take off soon! The thought of more episodes of The stewardess– especially since it was originally presented as a miniseries – left us high. And no, we won’t stop making air travel puns anytime soon.

The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco plays Cassie, a flight attendant whose life is in a managed spiral. One day, she hooks up with an attractive passenger, then wakes up next to her corpse with no memory of what happened. From that central mystery comes a tale of Russian spies, nightlife, and New York’s strangest apartment.

Weekly unwinding, The stewardess became a television staple last fall, leading to a renewal in December 2020. “To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement! The positive response to our show exceeded all of our expectations and I’m so proud of the whole thing. team behind its success, ”star Cuoco said in a statement. She promised that the second season would be “exciting (and probably a little bit crazy)”.

The second season began filming in Germany in September 2021. Cuoco posted on Instagram to mark the occasion and wrote: “Cassie and Cassie’s hair is back.[sic]… “

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Here’s what we know about the coming season.

Season 2 of The stewardessThe release date of will be in the spring of 2022.

While an exact release date has not been confirmed, season 2 of The stewardess will arrive in the spring of 2022. The news of that of the flight attendant the release schedule has come during a call to investors in March 2021, reports AdWeek.

The second season habit be based on a novel.

The stewardess by Chris Bohjalian

The first season of the HBO thriller Max was based on a Chris Bohjalian novel of the same name – and the same plot, with a few differences. However, there is no official sequel to The stewardess, and therefore no more source material.

That doesn’t mean Cassie’s adventures are over, however. Showrunner Steve Yockey promises Cassie will fall into another plot. “I think a second adventure would be something like there’s a brand new book, another Cassie Bowden: flight attendant adventure, “said Yockey TV line. “What new problem can she fall into, as a male protagonist of Hitchcock? How can she get drawn into something that’s bigger than her?”

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As for the plot? The episodes will follow Cassie joining the CIA.

The stewardess is like a spy drama that meets a story of mutual aid. In the second season, Cassie will move to LA and begin her journey to sobriety. “[Cassie] moved to LA, freshman sober, and she makes all the bad decisions about what you’re not supposed to do when you get sober and she’s going to learn very quickly that it’s not as easy as she thought, ” Cuoco told Deadline’s Contenders TV event.

Back to the spy drama part. Living in LA, Cassie goes too adapt to their new role as an asset or spy for the CIA.

Rosie Perez, Kaley Cuocophotograph by Phil Caruso The Airline Hostess, Bo Max, The Airline Stewardess Season 1 Episode 2

PVC @ 2019

The cast will likely be changed.

Cuoco, of course, will return to star in the series. But since the second season will be set in Los Angeles, the series will likely introduce a new set of supporting characters.

As for last year’s cast? Zosia Mamet, who plays Cassie’s best friend (and mafia lawyer), Annie, and TR Knight, who plays Cassie’s older brother, will be back. At the end of the first season, villainous Miranda (Michelle Gomez) and Megan (Rosie Perez), who was an unwitting spy for North Korea, are both on the run. If we do see them again, be prepared for some twists and turns. Hey, get ready for those, this is The stewardess, after all.

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