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California has officially taken a stand against the continued exploitation of college athletes. And many professional athletes who have been exploited in college will celebrate the change.

California’s Gavin Newsom enacted the Fair Pay to Play Act on Monday, allowing college athletes to earn money for names, pictures and likenesses starting in 2023.

“I hope that destroys the NCAA, in general, because I think it’s corrupt, and I think it’s a bunch of people take advantage of children and do it under a mask of fair play ”, the 49ers cornerback Richard sherman said Monday, via

While the law does not allow schools to pay players, it does allow players to be paid for jerseys, posters, autographs, product offers, etc.

“Colleges are taking billions from student athletes but preventing them from earning a single dollar,” Newsom said via Twitter. “He’s a bankrupt model.”

The message to the NCAA is simple: adapt or die.

“It’s either going to cripple the NCAA in a way that they start to bend over and make it fairer and more of a symbiotic relationship between the players and the NCAA, or it’s going to destroy them and start a whole new way of athletics. academic in general, “Sherman said.” I can respect that too. “

And it is here that many people who zealously defend the NCAA model for fear of their enjoyment of college football dissolving into feelings of guilt or complicity will say that players receive a “free” education. And it is here that those who get it point out that the cost to schools of this “free” education is paltry compared to the income generated by high-profile varsity athletics.

“If you did a cost analysis of how much each student earns versus what they earn on the stock market, one number would be greater than the other,” Sherman said. “How much do the leaders of the bowl get?” How Much Do March Madness Executives Make? Who gets all this money? It’s the thing that’s messed up so much that most of the people in the civilized world who pay attention can’t tell you where the money is going.

It goes to everyone except the players. And it will always go to everyone except the players. With the exception, of course, of sponsorship deals which currently go to coaches and broadcasters who earn the sponsorship dollars that players can’t.

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