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Rihanna to Beyoncé, Taylor Swift & More – 10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Run Their Own Fragrance Lines

You can smell like your favorite Hollywood celebrity thanks to their very own line of perfume (Photo credit – Getty images / Rihanna / Beyoncé / Taylor Swift)

Hollywood celebrities are launching a number of fashion, beauty and lifestyle lines and labels so that their fans can be more like them. From clothes and shoes to makeup and more, stars have made a name for themselves in almost every industry possible through their entrepreneurship.

Today we are talking about celebrity perfumes, and it must be said that there are dozens of them that these stars have created. Over the past two decades, Hollywood celebrities have ventured into the world of perfumes, mists and sprays and have their own lines.

From fancy bottles to exotic scents, you’re sure to want at least one on your table at home. From Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna to Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, there are a few lines of perfumes launched by Hollywood celebrities.

Britney spears

From 2004 to 2020, this Hollywood celebrity launched over 25 fragrances like Curious, Fantasy, Radiance and many more. But the best is his first. Britney Spears ‘signature scent Curious earned nearly $ 100 million within five weeks of its 2004 launch. Curious’ scent has notes of magnolia, pear, tuberose, jasmine, musk and wood. sandalwood.

Sarah jessica parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is a person to admire for all things fashionable. This Hollywood celebrity has launched a few perfumes like Stash and Lovely. Stash was a unisex scent – combining the typical woody and peppery notes of cologne with clean grapefruit and soft florals for a soft, sexy high.


Rihanna doesn’t have a scent or two to her credit, some of which include fragrance lines like Riri, Crush, Rogue, and Reb’l Fleur. Crush has a warm musky base and a fruity, lemony scent.

Reb’l Fleur, one of the most popular scents from this Hollywood celebrity brand, is fresh with ripe fruit and lavish florals. It also includes a musky blend of vanilla, patchouli and amber. Rogue is a much more complex and mature line of perfumes from the singer.


Beyoncé has over a dozen fragrances attached to her name. From Heat to Rise, Pulse and more, the Single Ladies singer released her first fragrance in 2010. Speaking of Heat, it was created by her alongside Claude Dir and Olivier Gillotin of the Givaudan company and used the slogan “Catch the fever”.

Heat was followed by additional versions – Heat Ultimate Elixir, Heat Rush, Midnight Heat, Heat The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Heat Wild Orchid, Heat Kissed and Heat Seduction. Each perfume was followed by its own eau de parfum.

Lady Gaga

The first fragrance created by Lady Gaga is Fame. The inky bottled perfume sprays black but dries clearly. Speaking of its scents, it’s a polarizing blend of gooey honey and apricot with dark florals and incense. She also launched Eau de Gaga shortly after.

Katy Perry

The first fragrances released by singer Katy Perry were presented in a cat-shaped bottle named Meow and Purr. Post these two, the scent of Hollywood celebrity Killer Queen, and it was a hit. The spicy, warm and chocolatey scent, with a hint of juicy berry, has been loved by thousands of fans.

Kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s fragrance line is called KKW Fragrance. The first of his scents came out in 2009 with gardenia and jasmine as the main scents. It smells rich and sophisticated, just like the Hollywood diva. The expert perfumer who contributed to its realization is Claude Dir.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift launched several fragrances like Incredible Things and Wonderstruck. Incredible Things has a creamy, spicy, and floral scent that draws a crowd. While millions of people loved it, her first fragrance was Wonderstruck launched in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden.

Jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez made $ 300 million the year she entered the fragrance business. One of the best perfumes launched by this Hollywood celebrity is in 2004. Glow has an exotic scent with notes of orange, jasmine, grapefruit, iris, vanilla and musk.

Jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s J is a salty, sunny, beachy scent that captures scents just like the Hollywood actress would.

What perfume created by Hollywood celebrities do you want?

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