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Ryan Reynolds joins Hollywood stars to pay tribute to Betty White

Only the good die young, and this afternoon one of Hollywood’s youngest hearts passed away at the ripe age of 99. Two weeks before her 100th birthday, America’s sweetheart, Betty White, has passed by. New Year’s celebrities flocked to Twitter to pay their respects:

Gary Scott Thompson tweeted: “As if 2021 couldn’t be worse. #RIPBetty Betty White, one of television’s most endearing and enduring faces, dies at 99.”

George Takei sent: “Our National Treasure, Betty White, passed away just before her 100th birthday. Our Sue Ann Nivens, our beloved Rose Nylund, has joined the skies to delight the stars with her style, humor and charm inimitable. A great loss for all of us. She will be sorely missed. ”


American journalist Dan Rather said: “A spirit of kindness and hope. Betty White was greatly appreciated because of who she was and the way she embraced a life well lived. Her smile. Her sense of purpose. humor. His basic decency. Our world would be better off if more followed his example. He is diminished with his passing. ”

Ellen DeGeneres paid tribute to her by saying, “What an amazing life. I am grateful for every second I was able to spend with Betty White. I send love to her family, friends and all of us.”

Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda tweeted: “I liked few things in comedy more than Betty White’s sense of humor, that mischievous glint in her eyes when she knew she was about to be. to do something rowdy or mean. Thank you for the endless decades of fun and for all the animals you have helped. Rest easy. ”

The Fonz, Henry Winkler paid tribute to his friend by writing, “Betty White: I have a hard time absorbing you are no longer there .. But the memories of your pleasure are .. Thank you for your humor, your warmth and your activism .. Rest now and say hello to Bill ”

Halsey was straightforward with a response by simply tweeting, “Betty :(”

Lizzo also kept it simple.

Andy Cohen alluded to the New Years toast for Betty. He said, “Tonight we will be raising A LOT of glasses to Betty White’s WONDERFUL heritage !!!”

Mario Lopez said: “What an incredible life… RIP Betty White.”

Even WWE stepped in. Posting a photo of White with John Cena, their post read: “Caption. #BettyWhite”

And of course, Ryan Reynolds offered his tribute to his crush. The actor, who co-starred with White in Proposal, wrote on Twitter: “The world is different now. She was good at defying expectations. She managed to get very old and in a way, not old enough. We will miss you, Betty. Now you know. the secret.”

The world will indeed be different. Betty White would have turned 100 on January 17, the same day a theatrical celebration will take place for the TV star. She couldn’t wait to celebrate the big day with her fans before passing away on New Years Eve.

God accelerate Betty, our darling, our Golden Girl. You can catch her 100th anniversary celebration in theaters by checking availability at FathomEvents.com, and you’ll see other celebrity tribute items below.

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