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Shraddha Kapoor Gets Trolled, Kangana Ranaut Discourages Hollywood Movies and More Ent!

1. To do ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ we have to discourage Hollywood films, says Kangana Ranaut


Following Kangana Ranaut’s advice, you might want to skip watching The Matrix Resurrections in theaters because it’s a Hollywood movie. She says: “We must discourage American and English films because they invade our screens.”

2. “Yeh Toh Humse Bhi Gareeb Hai”, say fans as Shraddha Kapoor receives criticism for snubbing an old man!

Viral Bhayani

Shraddha, who was seen carrying an expensive tote bag, caught the attention of many who targeted her for her “lack of” sympathy.

3. ‘Life Goes On’, Akshay Kumar Will Resume Filming After His Mother Passes, Won’t Let His Film Suffer


A day later, it was his birthday. At the age of 54, he penned a touching note and wrote, “I never would have liked it like this but I’m sure Mom is singing Happy Birthday to me from up there! Thank you to each and every one of you for your condolences and wishes. Life goes on.”

4. Rohit Shetty mocks celebrities calling photographers to capture them donating outside temples

Creator of successful film franchises, including

Recently, Shetty appeared on “Social media star with Janice” and dipped into pop culture in Bollywood.

5. 8 Oscar-nominated actors in a movie? The star-studded teaser for “Don’t Look Up” Bowls Fans Over

Besides Leonardo, Jennifer,

It wasn’t a Netflix prank and several fans’ doubts were quickly dispelled when they watched the teaser.