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Squid Game actor reveals Hollywood actors wouldn’t even “look him in the eye” years ago

Lee Byung Hun, the leader of the current mega hit squid game, spoke about racial discrimination in Hollywood in a 2015 interview that resurfaced. He made his western debut in 2009 and revealed his life story during that time.

He revealed that some actors didn’t even look him in the eye and only shook his hand after filming. After multiple events inside and outside the movie sets, he got “used” to discrimination.

Squid Game’s Lee Byung Hun talks about racial discrimination in Hollywood

Lee Byung Hun, 45, is one of the superstar veterans in the Korean entertainment industry. While he was a star in Korea, his playing in GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, Red 2, and Terminator Genisys made him a superstar loved by many people around the world. He then starred in Antoine Fuqua’s The Magnificent Seven (2016).

Despite working in some of the classics, squid gameLee Byung Hun of Lee revealed that he had been discriminated against. The incidents were to the point that he wanted to scream in anger.

“I can’t tell you who they are, but there are actors who don’t even make eye contact…I tried to shake hands several times, but they ignored it and they succeeded .” -Lee Byung Hun in Dailian in 2015.

It felt like there was a fourth dimensional wall in Hollywood that he couldn’t break or cross, even after being in the industry since 2009.

Even when he was a superstar in Asia, he was nothing more than “just another actor who couldn’t speak English” in Hollywood.

He even revealed that people often mistake him for another Asian actor. One part-time student even said, “All Asians look alike,” when they mistook him for another star.

Of the many people who didn’t even greet him properly, not everyone behaved that way. Award-winning filmmaker and actor Al Pacino has eaten together multiple times and even revealed moments in The Godfather that no one else in public knows about.

However, years later, in 2021, he’s making waves as one of the most important characters in squid gamethe leader.

During his speech at the 15th Asian Film Awards, the squid game The actor mentioned that everyone around him is talking about the show in the United States. He even said that all filmmakers and storytellers in Asia can now feel proud of themselves, with the Asian Film Excellence Award trophy in hand.

In other news, squid game is now officially the biggest Netflix drama of all time, toppling Bridgerton’s 86 million viewers with its 111 million.

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