Hollywood stars

Squid game director Hwang Dong-Hyuk is open to Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio joining the series…

Netflix has gone all out on “Squid Game,” allowing for crossover events like interactive video game experiences and the questionable decision to launch a reality competition spinoff. The series has become a pop culture phenomenon, which Hwang says makes him “feel the pressure” to deliver something so powerful for the second season. During the press conference, Lee Jung-jae appeared via webcam to highlight his explosive career, saying he is “striving to create more exciting content” and hopes future seasons of “Squid Game” will “offer more. of opportunities to outstanding filmmakers and actresses.” Korean film, TV, and especially music have become ridiculously popular in the United States, with the success of “Squid Game” inspiring direct interest from other streamers and companies to invest in Korean productions.

Hwang said those working in Korea have always “keep an eye on the global market when creating things, and it has turned into something wonderful.” Oscar winner Bong Joon-ho noted in his acceptance speech for “Parasite,” that “once you overcome the one-inch-high caption barrier, you will experience so much ‘other amazing movies‘, and he’s right. Some of the best new movies and shows available right now come from Korea, and “Squid Game” is just the tip of the iceberg.