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TCM drug rehabilitation in just ten weeks favored by Hollywood stars

Los Angeles is a city of entertainment and a metropolis with Hollywood stars and professional athletes, but it is also full of various social problems. Guns are rampant, drugs are everywhere, and many people are on the road to death due to drug addiction.

Yu Jiashan, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner from Ventura County, California, said many low-profile Hollywood movie stars have, on the recommendation of a friend, asked him to help them heal. get rid of drug addiction. Because normal Western drug-resistant medical sanatoria cost thousands of dollars a day, for example, the best sanitarium Britney Spears went to was $48,000 a week. On the other hand, Chinese medicine is not only cheaper but also more secretive, because in general, when seeing a TCM practitioner, people will not make the connection with an “anti-drug” treatment.

Two-pronged approach of acupuncture and TCM shortens rehabilitation to 10 weeks

Yu thinks that compared to Western medicine, TCM has the advantages of both “pain relief” and “gynecology”. Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine has significant curative effects on these diseases. Western surgical operations and emergency treatment are better than TCM, but TCM exhibits its healing effect quite differently.

Take the example of “anti-drug rehabilitation treatment”, Yu used a combination of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. He called the prescription in this case, he called “the Anagraph of Lin Wenzheng.” Lin Wenzheng is the namesake of the famous Qing Dynasty viceroy, Lin Zexu, who banned the sale of opium in Humen in 1839, which ultimately sparked the Sino-British Opium War.

Yu went on to say, “The Chinese have a long experience in drug rehabilitation treatment. This prescription can help drug addicts gradually reduce their dependence on drugs on a daily basis. It’s not too unpleasant to drink, just it tastes a little strange. Whether it’s heroin, marijuana, or other types of drugs, you can always quit smoking. It will take him 10 weeks to complete the whole program. He tells drug addicts that they can still take the drugs during the course when they need them, but they must reduce the amount by 10% each week.

A popular program for stars and celebrities

Most patients have stopped seeing the doctor by the fourth or fifth week, and very few need the full ten weeks. Yu believes that thanks to TCM diagnosis and treatment, these celebrities don’t need the full 10 weeks to complete the program. After reducing the amount and frequency of drug use, they may return to work, or once they are financially able to purchase drugs again, they may resume doing so. He said: “The latter happens because their social network remains unchanged, which makes resumption of drug use later a real possibility. Chinese medicine can help them get rid of drugs, but it cannot change the general environment in which they find themselves.

Some parents brought their children to receive the treatment. Even though the parents were very angry, the children continued to take drugs. The same was true for some celebrities. Because they wanted to make a movie, and because they looked so decadent after taking drugs, they had to do something. Later, after the treatment, her face turned red and her waist straightened up for them to participate in movies. But after the shooting, they would resume the habit. Many patients have repeatedly come to Yu Jiashan for drug treatment. He said, “It’s more of a social issue. People just want to reduce their use, in quantity and frequency, but don’t really want to quit for good.

Yu Jiashan never discloses the identity of its customers and does not raise prices arbitrarily without notice. Compared to Western medical practice, it is more favored by stars and celebrities. “Maybe my clinic is quite remote and therefore relatively more secretive,” he said.

TCM is becoming more widely recognized

Yu is committed to promoting the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture into the American healthcare system. For this, he gave free clinics on Capitol Hill for three consecutive years targeting the “Veterans Acupuncture Act” and the “Heroes and Elders Proposal”. Despite the many obstacles to including Chinese medicine in US Medicare law, Yu has found that there are more and more people recognizing Chinese medicine as a viable alternative. He said the way Chinese medicine treats illnesses is more complicated and completely different than Western practices.

He cited his own successful treatment experience as an example. He once had a patient who fell while skiing seven years ago. At first, the patient did not care about the leg injury, but it became more and more painful. It really hurt. He had seen over 100 doctors, Chinese and Western, over the seven years, but to no avail. From Yu’s diagnosis, he discovered that the patient was suffering from “cold in the tendons” symptoms and needed to get rid of all the cold energy in the body. Right after the second time the patient received treatment at the clinic, he was able to start walking for 15 minutes. After four visits, the patient was able to travel to Hawaii.

At the Capitol Hill Free Clinic, Yu helped a woman with a “tubal cyst” undergo acupuncture. Originally, the patient felt pain around the abdomen, but after two sessions, the pain was significantly reduced and she was also very relieved. The affected area was also less swollen as a result.

Yu added that acupuncture can treat pain with internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics, and is even effective for skin diseases as well. In general, Chinese medicine does not rely on drugs like Western practice. As different methods are employed, their respective curative effects are also different in nature.

In 2019, Yu Jiashan performed acupuncture treatment for Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter during his free clinic program on Capitol Hill. (Courtesy of Yu Jiashan)
Emma Hsu