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The 10 Most Watchable Old Hollywood Movies, According To Reddit

movies like jurassic park and Superior gun are referenced quite often in popular culture because they had such a big impact, and they, and movies throughout history, have garnered so much attention because of their viewing potential. Most moviegoers watch the classics multiple times.

But when it comes to Old Hollywood — the pre-1960s establishment when the studio system and black-and-white cinema dominated — there are plenty of movies that only get better after being reviewed. Reddit moviegoers have taken to the platform to discuss which films from this era are most worth re-watching.


12 Angry Men (1957)

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Based on a one-off television production, 12 angry men is a courtroom drama where 12 jurors must determine if an 18-year-old is guilty or innocent of the murder of his father. At first, there is only one “not guilty”, leading to drama for the rest of the film.

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BanjoPanda called the film “timeless” and that they couldn’t “think of a film that has aged better than this”. Its themes are universal, with themes of guilt/innocence and how society affects its own justice system being central to the story. These are issues the company is still grappling with, making BanjoPanda’s rating perfect.

Casablanca (1942)

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Rick and Ilsa split up on the track

There are few films as timeless as casablanca for Reddit, and Typical_Humanoid is just one of many users of the site who find it absolutely amazing to review. “It gets better every time and there are always details I missed on previous viewings,” they say. A movie or show that rewards such vision is always unforgettable.

casablanca follows a bar owner in fascist-controlled Morocco who must choose between loving and helping those who fight against fascism. Released during WWII, it was a powerful stand against the Axis powers, and other than that, it’s not related to its era at all; modern viewers can enjoy it as much as viewers of the 1940s.

North by Northwest (1959)

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Roger running from the plane in North by Northwest.

A list of classic movies wouldn’t be complete without an Alfred Hitchcock entry, and from north to northwest is Dayman_ah-uh-ahhh’s recommendation when it comes to reusable old film. Posting in 2017, they said: “I watched [the film] with younger theater audiences recently and they ate it all up.”

from north to northwest came when Hitchcock was at the height of his power and tells the gripping story of mistaken identity and government secrets. His action scenes, especially the one involving the plane, always look great, and with the james bond with the films not debuting until three years later, it’s not too hard to see the influence between them; while Bond is still appealing, from north to northwest unsurprisingly does too.

The Third Man (1949)

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The third man

Although it was not led by the master of Citizen Kane, The third man is one of the best Orson Welles movies on IMDb; the famed author stars in a supporting role as Harry Lime, a man who brought Holly Martins to Vienna only for it to be revealed that Lime is dead, putting him on Martins to solve the case.

Redditor dontyieldbackshield says the cinematography “is hauntingly beautiful, the score is eerie…and the mystery is one of the most compelling I’ve seen”. It’s a particularly good choice for fans of film noir for those same reasons, even though it’s a later entry in that genre. Its post-war setting also looks to Cold War cinema, making it a unique middle ground in cinematic history.

To Have and Not to Have (1944)

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Screenshot To have and not to have 1944

For a man who’s starred in so many classic movies, including casablancaa film from the career of Humphrey Bogart that is often overlooked except by the most ardent moviegoers is To have and not to have. For Artegall365, however, it has been unfairly overlooked.

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“You can really feel the chemistry between [Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall]“, they claim; the two would go on to become a remarkable Hollywood couple and star in a few more films together, this one being their first. casablancait’s a romance that takes place under the threat of fascism, so fans of this movie will definitely love to see and re-watch this one.

Let’s Sing in the Rain (1952)

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Debbie Reynolds in Singin' in the Rain

One of the best Hollywood films of the 1950s, Sing in the rain is one of the most classic Hollywood musicals ever made, as well as a great comedic take on movie history, with the events of the film set in the early days of the walkie-talkie era.

SquidgyGoat calls it “the most wonderfully inefficient[sic] “old”…movie imaginable.” SquidgyGoat seems to mean “infectious”, in the sense that its songs stick in your head and it’s a lovely movie, which it certainly is. It’s also great for film fans about cinema. , a subgenre in which this film stands out for its musical nature, regardless, it is an undeniable classic.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

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Errol Flynn The Adventures of Robin Hood

The story of Robin Hood has been a Hollywood staple for decades, from Disney’s animated classic to two 90s movies, Men in tights and prince of thievesadapted by Taron Egerton in 2018. For audrey-trois, The Adventures of Robin Hoodstarring Errol Flynn, is “a gorgeous Technicolor swordsman with gorgeous art design, great action, and lots of romance”.

Flynn was a Hollywood superstar of the era whose iteration of thieves and pirates was the Hollywood takes up Pirates of the Caribbean came, as he played the character and the genre as narrower. The film may not be the most interesting narratively, but as The Wizard of Ozit’s the film’s place in cinematic history that makes it so fun to watch again, as audrey-three puts it.

The Bridge over the River Kwai (1957)

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Bridge over the River Kwai

The Bridge over the River Kwai features the original Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alec Guinness, as a British commander who, along with a number of subordinates, is placed in a Japanese POW camp during World War II. Redditor funkaphant says “What struck me the most was the editing”, considering it “a precursor to movies like pulp Fiction and To tear out.”

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Whereas Bridge is definitely a film of its time and follows the subject of war seriously, its nonlinearity in storytelling feels distinctly modern. For fans of movies like this, including but not limited to those listed in the funkaphant list, they may find something to like in the movie, even if they don’t normally like old Hollywood movies.

The Great Dictator (1941)

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A very accessible Charlie Chaplin comedy, the great dictator is a fictionalized exploration of a fascist dictator in the early 1940s, although it has always been obvious to viewers that the central character is based on Adolf Hitler. Redditor wake-and-bake cites it as an “absolutely timeless movie with [a] soliloquy more relevant than ever,” referencing the film’s final scene. No spoilers, though.

The idea of ​​a comedy about a fascist leader may be understandably off-putting to some, although it’s obvious that the great dictator influenced Taika Waititi’s Oscar JoJo Rabbit, to the director playing the role of Hitler. For a film so old, great dictator Thread the needle correctly.

Some Like It Hot (1959)

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Some like it hot

Reddit user valkyrie_1290 places Some like it hot as “Freaking hilarious” when he disagrees with another user that old movies are bad, qualifying him by saying “I’m not an old person either.” So those in generations well beyond the initial release may enjoy the film, but they might be curious to know what the film is actually about.

The film follows two male musicians who must disguise themselves as women to escape pursuit from gangsters, who have committed a crime they witnessed. If including the drag as a main plot point wasn’t ahead of its time, the romantic comedy’s ending has a final line/final moment that would make everyone laugh, but also feels out of place. ease during pride month. A feat for a film that is 63 years old.

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