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The 5 Hollywood actors who triumphed in 2021

The life of an actor can sometimes be quite difficult, when success does not knock on the door and you have to move from one audition to another while waiting for the arrival of this coveted role that will propel you to success. . For a small number of international figures, however, those days are over and today they enjoy the professional recognition and power and influence that come with stardom.

Underline 5 names who are at the dawn of their careers, who do not need to be introduced wherever they go and who, in 2021, have grown their pure talent portfolio thanks to iconic characters who have made them transcend to eyes of the public who usually scrutinize in the most demanding manner. These artists have passed this test!

+ The most successful actors of 2021

5. Penn Badgley

This young talent was already recognized by a significant part of the audience who followed the popular television series Gossip Girl, where he made his debut as a public figure and gallant on the small screen. now a series of Netflix used to get back on people’s radar: You. The show tells the story of the serial killer who seeks love, Joe goldberg, and does not fit into today’s society. Safety pin!

4. Dwayne Johnson

One of the actors with the most followers in the world of Hollywood, including him in a project is one step closer to success. This year he was the protagonist of the film Disney, Jungle cruise, with which he did “noisy”. He also devoted his time to Black adam, the villain of DC Extended Universe what will happen for “Changing the hierarchy of power” among the characters of the brand. Diesel wine publicly asked him to return to the saga Fast and furious.

3. Tom Hardy

Perhaps one of the best actors of his generation, Tom had a chaotic 2021 year thanks to the premiere of the sequel to Venom, where the alien symbiote that joins Eddie Brock facing the mighty Carnage, an organism with similar characteristics that joins serial killer Cletus Kasady. On the other hand, the possibility that his character of Peaky blinders have your own spin-off from the hit series.

2. Daniel Craig

This year was his last entry as Hollywood’s best-known secret agent, the must-see James bond. No time to die this marked the end of an era for 007 and the actor is considered one of the best at playing the popular character. 2021 finds him the highest paid performer in the industry thanks to the salary he will receive for his participation in the aftermath of Knives Out: $ 100 million!

1. Tom Holland

Its best year! Of course, professionally he is the star of the great success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: No Path Home. Her portrayal of Peter Parker is humorous and with a heart of gold. On the other hand, personally, Tom was dating another cast member, Zendaya. The couple are the most wanted in the press flashes and keep making headlines in all media. Enjoy your moment, Tom!

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