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The bullied boy Quaden Bayles, rising star of Hollywood movies

Every once in a while, Hollywood delivers a heartwarming, unscripted story for the ages.

In February 2020, a distressing video posted by the mother of Quaden Bayles, a then nine-year-old Indigenous boy with dwarfism, made global headlines after her inconsolable son cried over being bullied at school.

Dressed in his school uniform and sitting in the back seat of the car, he urged his mother Yarraka to “give me a knife, I’m going to kill myself”.

The music video has been met with an outpouring of support from around the world, but there have been some, including The telegraph of the day columnist Miranda Devine, who suggested that Quaden had faked being a victim of bullying and was coached by his mother.

She later posted a “sincere and detailed apology”, acknowledging the comments “were hurtful and untrue”.

Watching the news unfold on every TV news channel was legendary in Sydney madmax director, George Miller, who was affected by the whole episode.

Two years later, in a long interview with The Sydney Morning Herald’s Have a nice week end magazine on August 20, Miller reveals that he “really fired me up.”

Celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and native NRL players have reached out to Quaden through social media and through invitations to football matches. But Miller went further.

He cast Quaden, now 11, in two of his next blockbuster films.

So what happened?

When one of Devine’s 71,000 followers replied, “It’s a crime if it’s a scam. Child abuse. How could a parent do that? » ; the New York-based News Corp columnist tweeted: “Yeah. Exactly. On the case.”

She added a comment: “It’s really rotten if it was a scam. Hurts the real victims of bullying. Let’s move on to @dailytelegraph.

In subsequent tweets, Devine also alleged that Quaden’s mother had “trained the kid to say those things no nine-year-old would say.”

Quaden and his mother sued Devine and his employer for tweeting suggestions it was a ruse and that the boy was actually an adult actor.

On September 25 of that year, a confidential settlement was approved by Federal Court Judge Anna Katzmann, who was told that Devine had tweeted a “sincere and detailed apology.”

“In February of this year, I posted comments on my personal Twitter account about Quaden Bayles and his mother Yarraka. I now know that those comments were hurtful and untrue. I sincerely apologize to the Bayles for these comments,” the columnist wrote.

In the background, Miller was already making calls.

As the SMH writes: ”Miller was affected by the video, then upset by a suggestion from News Corp columnist Miranda Devine that Yarraka may have drawn Quaden into what may be a scam.

”He figured that as a director who had also been a doctor, he could recognize the craft of acting – and that wasn’t it.

” Miller said, ‘I thought, what would she know?’

”That really fired me up.”

Bayles an extra on Three thousand years of nostalgia

The SMH reported that Australian actor Lachy Hulme, who plays Sultan Suleiman, sat in front of a video monitor on the set of Three thousand years of nostalgia, watch a scene full of extras.

A former industrial building in Sydney’s northwest had been transformed into a lavishly decorated Ottoman Empire palace, “full of ornate architecture and figures clad in shining silks and satins”.

He saw Miller walk the set with “generosity and kindness” and “among the brightly dressed extras is Quaden Bayles.”

“It was good for us and it was good for him,” Miller said of inviting Quaden to star in the production, which is slated for a nationwide release Sept. 1 in theaters.

But the Queensland teenager’s acting experience didn’t stop there.

“He did such a good job”

In August last year, the New South Wales government announced Miller production madmax prequel Furiosa was in progress, with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Anja Taylor-Joy (Last night in Soho).

Filmed entirely in New South Wales, it is expected to inject $350 million into the economy and create jobs for over 850 people.

Among those who landed a job was Quaden.

Miller said ”he did such a good job [in Three Thousand Years] that he has a small role in Furiosa”.

If the success of Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015, there’s plenty to come – the film was nominated for 10 Oscars and won six, including for production design, sound mixing and editing, and costume design – and then the highly anticipated Furiosa should see massive box office receipts.

road of fury reportedly grossed $375 million against a total production cost of up to $185 million.

What future for Quaden?

A cryptic Instagram post on July 14 said he was heading to Sydney “for something very exciting that we can’t wait to share”.

”Watch this place.”