Bradley Walsh of THE Chase was stunned after Shaun Wallace revealed his secret past as a movie actor.

Tuesday’s episode of the ITV quiz show saw Shaun – aka The Dark Destroyer – in the chair taking on a new batch of contestants.


Bradley Walsh was stunned to learn that Shaun Wallace had been in a movie on Tuesday’s show

Shaun, 61, has been a hunter since the show started in 2009, so host Bradley, also 61, was shocked to learn he didn’t know everything about him after making a surprising revelation.

It is common knowledge that Shaun worked as a lawyer and was a senior criminal defense attorney for four decades.

But as he faced off against the First Player, Shaun revealed that he had been in a movie when he was younger.

After the player – Lynn – was asked a question about the film, she revealed that she had worked as an extra on films, so the answer came to her quite easily.

Shaun made the revelation after a question about the film industry


Shaun made the revelation after a question about the film industry
Shaun was in Miss MacMichael's class as a teenager


Shaun was in Miss MacMichael’s class as a teenager

Bradley was impressed but was then shocked when Shaun stepped in and said, “I was in a movie. Miss MacMichael’s class. I was an extra.”

The movie came out in 1978 when Shaun was 18 and he added that unlike now he had full hair.

He said: “You see me a lot in the first five minutes of the movie. I had a big afro then.”

Miss MacMichael’s class starred Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed and followed the homeroom teacher who was determined to inspire her students at a school in central London.

The film was released in 1978


The film was released in 1978

Meanwhile, viewers remained hysterical after Lynn made a scandalous statement on Facebook.

During the final chase, Bradley asked, “What decade did Facebook launch in?

Lynn replied confidently, “The 80s”, but was told it was actually the “Two Thousand”.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5 p.m. on ITV.

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