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The Five Biggest Hollywood Celebrities Who Love Gambling


Gambling is an established pastime in all corners of the globe. This thrill-seeking activity is as old as civilization itself, with the concept of famous gamblers dating back to Emperor Claudius and King Henry VIII. Other famous players of historical significance are King Louis XIV, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Claude Monet and Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

On the state side, once the expansion of Clark County hotels began in the 1950s, Las Vegas casinos became a thing and they began to attract well-known personalities from the entertainment world and other spheres. So this Mojave Desert location has become a hotbed of celebrity gambling stories about singers, writers, and actors betting at the roulette and blackjack tables.

Over the years, more and more members of Hollywood’s elite frequented the gambling halls, testing their luck in every way the casino establishments allowed. Today, many prefer to find out if luck is on their side in the privacy of their home at a real money casino.

However, some cannot resist the atmosphere that physical venues provide. Therefore, let’s see who are some famous gamers who are also big screen stars.

Five Hollywood actors who play

Naturally, most people have gambled at some point, with estimates claiming that 4.2 billion people on this planet place a bet at least once a year. This includes buying lottery tickets, as this is also gambling. Still, it would be impractical to call a gambler everyone who places a bet once in a while. Thus, we have chosen to focus only on people who take this activity seriously and consider it a favorite pastime.

Ben Affleck

You’d be hard-pressed to find a list of actors who love gambling that doesn’t include one of Boston’s favorite sons. Over the decades, the paparazzi have Targeted Affleck, snapping pictures of him at Vegas tables in the early hours of the morning. The actor has been quite candid about his compulsion towards blackjack, and he’s also renowned for his ability to count cards at twenty-one tables. In 2014, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino banned him for allegedly engaging in this frowned upon practice.

ray romano

Ray Romano may never have had massive theatrical success, were it not for his vocal contribution to the Ice Age franchise. Still, he ranks among Hollywood celebrities due to his hit sitcom which ran for 210 episodes. TV stardom aside, Romano is one of the most well-known actors who regularly play poker.

So much so that he became addicted to it and had to call in a professional. Romano competed in the World Series of Poker and played a compulsive gambler on the television series Men of a Certain Age, drawing on his real-world experiences with this problem.

Tobey Maguire

Better known as the original Spider-Man movie, Tobey Maguire was a massive star in the late 1990s and early 2000s, who over the past decade has been stepping out of the limelight. Googling his name today is more likely to yield results regarding Tobey Maguire performing in illegal card rooms than those detailing his acting career. Much of this stems from Aaron Sorkin’s 2017 film – Molly’s Game, where a crudely fictionalized version of Maguire was played by Michael Cera. Her entry into the mentioned film comes from Maguire, with her childhood friend Leonardo DiCaprio frequenting underground poker rooms in the late 2000s run by former skier Molly Bloom. The person whose life is depicted in Molly’s Game.

George Clooney

The gray-haired Kentuckian who rose to fame from his starring role on the hit series ER is a rare example of an actor who made the transition from television to film in the 1990s. as a movie star, in the mid-2000s Vegas locals called it the George Clooney Casino because of his involvement in development the seaside resort of Las Ramblas, a proposed venue that aimed to bring back some of the Rat Pack Vegas glamour. Unfortunately, the project was canceled in 2006 and Clooney did not become a casino owner. He simply remained a gaming enthusiast who has a huge fondness for Sin City.

Jennifer Tilly

It would be discourteous to end our list without adding a playful actress. Tilly, known for her comedic timing and distinctive voice, is a rare Hollywood personality who is a super competitive poker player. Her role in the 1989 film Let It Ride introduced her to card action. Fourteen years later, she began her competitive career, encouraged by her boyfriend, poker player Phil Laak. This led to a victory at the WSOP in 2005.

final thought

These are what we consider to be the top five Hollywood celebrities who have a powerful connection to gaming. Other worthy entries would have been Matt Damon, Charlie Sheen, and Pamela Anderson.

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