The Flight Attendance Season 2 concluded its initial season by accompanying some exciting spine coolers. And admirers are very interested in locating what appears to be Cassie Bowden’s next chapter.

Thankfully, in a new talk, streak manager and artisans Kaley Cuoco have released information regarding the second season and how Cassie’s story unfolds.

Is it indiscriminately based on a book?

“The Flight Attendant” was boosted by Chris Bohjalian’s book of the same title in 2018. Cuoco secured the rights to his tale after playing a prominent snippet of his aria.

“So at night I was literally just riding Amazon, and I was thinking about the next commercials, and I witnessed The Flight Attendant,” she said at a conference with Entertainment Weekly. “Granted it sounds cheesy, but I got to admire that beating heart and that thrill, and I immediately called my team.”

But after perusing the novel, Cuoco thought about adding his own comedic aptitude to the tale and her role, Cassie Bowden.

It is not based on the raw material

Bohjalian did not write a sequel to The Flight Attendant. Thus, as for the second season, Cuoco and his team of writers are getting closer to accompany the brand new concept.

Kaley Cuoco says Cassie Bowden is going to fight in The Flight Attendance Season 2

At the end of the first season of The Flight Attendant, Cassie has solved her murder case, reviews her former villains, and continues on a path to sobriety. She also learns that her best friend and fellow flight attendant Shane (Griffin Matthews) is a CIA agent ready to hire her.

But whenever the second season fails, admirers shouldn’t expect Cassie to be some sort of agent. According to Cuoco, she has been the same Cassie so far and has some of the similar issues to face.

The entire Season 1 of The Flight Attendant spurts out on HBO Max.

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