“I FEEL LIKE my career is starting again, ”actress Kaley Cuoco said. Indeed, her latest role marks a clean break with Penny, her gentle (albeit sarcastic) character in “The Big Bang Theory,” which turned 12 in 2019. Now Ms. Cuoco, 35, has transformed. as Cassie Bowden, the alcoholic anti-heroine of “The Flight Attendant,” the murder-soaked HBO drama Max that she also produces. Based on the novel of the same name by Chris Bohjalian, the series (renewed for a second season) garnered nine 2021 Emmy nominations, including Best Comedy Series and Best Leading Actress. Excited to “wear a dress and hit the carpet” after a year of virtual awards shows, Ms Cuoco said the nods are “the icing on an already very delicious cake” and that her new show has brought her to life. allowed to “become that other person” post-Big Bang. She will soon become several different people thanks to a new romance movie starring Pete Davidson and a project on Doris Day that is in development.

But his many dogs too; the horses she rides in “thrill-seeking” show jumping competitions; the rescued rabbits who live in an air-conditioned greenhouse at her home outside of Los Angeles; and cauliflower crust cheese pizza. Here, Ms. Cuoco discusses her many favorite things and the one she hates.

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