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The Geekest Halloween Costumes Worn by Hollywood Celebrities

Keke Palmer is having a tremendous year. After bringing Insecure to a successful and beloved final season in 2021, Palmer saw his star status skyrocket with a lead performance in Jordan Peele’s event horror film of the summer, Nope. As much an outgoing Southern firecracker as Daniel Kaluuya was understated and laconic in this film, Palmer’s performance (with Light year) has garnered a lot of attention…including from geek fans on the internet, who are always on the lookout for their new superhero movie cast.

Which, for Palmer, came in the form of audiences eager to see her play Anna Raven, aka Snape of those weird x-men. And this Halloween season, Palmer responded to that fan cast by not only going as a mutant Rogue to Halloween parties, but doing a full Instagram photoshoot as the character. Maybe Marvel Studios is taking notes?

The move was probably a cheeky way to acknowledge fan support for Palmer playing the part, or maybe it was just an excuse to get a weird Halloween costume. Either way, it would seem that Americanized holidays about the spirits of the dead (along with trick-or-treating, costumes, and scary movie marathons) have also become one more litmus test for judging ancestry. geek culture in tune with the times. Because Palmer wasn’t the only celeb to use Halloween to please his inner San Diego cosplayer.

Below, legendary rapper and music producer Diddy is unrecognizable as he dons a vintage-specific Joker outfit: namely Heath Ledger’s Clown Prince of Crime, which haunted Gotham City and culture’s nightmares pop for years. The black Knight (2008). Diddy even got a police car to re-enact one of the film‘s most famous images.